This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


42. Secrets Are What Keep Friends Close


"That. Was. So. Fun!!" I said breathlessly, as Niall and I collapsed on the sun chairs. we had rode every single waterslide in the park.
" I know!!! You'd think all that Nandos would make me heavier, and I would beat you."
" I guess not!!" I said with a laugh.
I slipped my tribal-print cover up on over my wet blue polka dot bathing suit, while Niall put on his sunglasses and snapback.
" My eyes!! They buuuuurn!" I reached over and grabbed Nialls hat and plopped it on my still wet-hair head.
" Hey!!!!" he yelled and grabbed it back and settled back in the chair.
" Hmm. I should get some ice cream..." I stood up and started walking towards the stand, then quickly turned around, grabbed Niall's hat, put on my head, and sprinted towards the water-playground.
" I'll get you!! Fear Nialls wrath!!!" he yelled after me, chasing me down.
I ran to a big red tube, and crawled through it, running from Niall who was close behind me, then up a blue waterslide, where the top was a waterfall, pourin out water from a tube. I was soaking in water, and still running.
I ran across a ledge, and down a small waterslide, when I heard a yell.
" Hey!! Get down from there! This is for kids ages 5 to 10!!!" a lifeguard wearing a yellow shirt yelled to me and Niall.
" Sorry sir! I'm coming!!" we yelled back in unison.
I jumped off te ledge, and tried to run further, when I felt a grip across my stomach, and Niall had grabbed me from behind, and had slung me across his back.
He laughed. " Irish?! What has that got to do with it?!"
" Put me down!!!" I continued to yell, jokingly.
Just at that moment, I should've known this was too good, a man with a large camera popped up behind a bush and ran up to us, snapping picture after picture.
Niall immediately put me down.
" Lauren are you cheating on Liam with his bandmate??"
" Niall where is Liam?!" another one popped up.
" Niall does Liam know about this??"
Niall took my hand, and we ran towards shelter.
" Come on!" he yelled.
They continued chasing us, so we ran by the Sunchairs, grabbed out things, out the entrance, and ran to Nialls car.
They were still with us.
" Get in!!" I yelled, opening my door.
We turned on the car, and sped off before They could get anymore pictures.
" Lauren I am so sorry." Niall started as soon as we were on the road.
" It's okay Niall. It's not your fault. Jus as long as Liam knows."
I looked out the window, to the cars passing by.
Did Liam want to know?

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