This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


18. Reunited



I opened my eyes. I was in a small white room, lying on a single ( and super uncomfortable) bed.

There was a chair in the corner, and I was hooked up to an IV, which was attached to a bag of red liquid. 

' Where am I?!?!' I thought to myself. 'What happened?!'

I felt a sharp Jab of pain in my thigh. I slowly pulled down the crisp white sheet covering me to look at it.

After looking at my thigh, I immediately put the sheet back over my legs.  My thigh was throbbing, and my calf was starting to burn as well. My thigh was wrapped in a white bandage, and it seemed as though it wasnt coming off soon.

I didn't even dream of bending that way to see my calf. 

I got a horrible jab of pain in my thigh, and I screamed out loud.

What the HECK was that?!?!

 A doctor dressed in a white coat, with a closely shave head entered the room. 

" Good Afternoon, Ms Smith. I'm Doctor Everett. Do you recall why you're here?"

I gave him a suspicious look, but then it all came back. Liam, the forest, the rustling leaves. The gun shots. 

" Oh My God!!!!! I'VE BEEN SHOT!!!" " Ms Smith, please stay calm. We do have other patients in intensive care."

" I'm in intensive care?!?!!" I half whispered, half shouted. I may be freaked out, but I am still courteous of the others. 

" Yes, Ms. Smith. "

" Where's Liam?? Is he okay?! Tell me he's okay.

" " Mr Payne? He's fine he is in the waiting room. He's just given a pint of blood to you. That's what that bag of blood is over there. "

I glanced over and the I.V which had the bag of blood hanging from it. That was Liam's?!?

" He gave a full pint of his own blood for me?" I asked Doctor Everett. 

That was the nicest thing someone has ever done for me. 

" I believe so." he replied.

  " Can he come in? Can I see him?" 

" Ms Smith, youve been through a very traumatic experience. You've been shot twice in your leg. Not only did you lose a large amount of blood, you had to go into immediate surgery to have the bullets removed.

That is a very painful experience. Police are investigating the forest you were targeted in, trying to discover who is responsible for the shooting. You may be interviewed later. But seeing Mr Payne, may cause some problems with your recovery."

" Please, Doctor. I won't move or anything. I just want to see him. "

" If you promise." he said with a wink. " He been very eager to see you. "

he picked up his clipboard from the little table on the end of my bed and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. 

I looked around. 

' That blood was Liam's!'

I giggled at the thought of having a little bit of Liam inside me. 

" Something funny on your mind, babe?" I looked to the door. 

" LIAM!!!!" He ran over to me and planted a loss on my forehead. 

" Lauren, I was so scared. Please never get hurt again. I had a heart attack. Not to mention I almost got arrested by a scary large police officer."

" What?!" I said looking at him surprised.

  Realizing what he said, he replied with a nervous laugh. 

" Just kidding. Oh my god I was so  worried."  I noticed his eyes were starting to water. 

" It's okay, Hun. Im here now. And I would kiss you but the doctor said I'm not allowed to move." I said giggling.

  " Well I guess it's up to me then. " he said smiling and leaning down to plant one on my lips.

But of course, just my luck, we were rudely interrupted by some anxious parents.

  " OHMYGOD LAUREN!" My mom yelled.  Liam moved away. That was the quickest I've ever seen him move.

  " Hi mom, hey dad." I said to my parents who were very quickly moving towards me. 


" Mum, I'm fine! The doctor said I lost a little blood and went into surgery. Thats all!"

" Thats all?! No, Lauren this is more seriously than you think. Someone shot you. With a gun. That is illegal. There is a police investigation right now. This is very serious. " My dad said, frowning. 

Liam gave me a worried look. 

" Don't worry guys. I'll be okay. We'll handle this."

I took Liam's hand. 

To be honest, I was just happy to be reunited with Liam again. 

" Dear, I'm so sorry. I have a meeting in late for..." my mother started

  " It's no problem, Mom. Go ahead. "

" Thank you, dear. " she replied. " feel better okay?" 

She walked out of the room, with my dad following closely behind. 

The room burst into chatter again, when four familiar male bodies walked in. 

" Lauren!" they all shouted at once. 

" Well if it isn't Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry." I said with a grin.

  " We missed you so much!" Harry said, running his hands through his hair. 

" Yeah, life was boring without you!" Niall said. He was holding a bouquet of flowers, which he handed to Liam.

  " You forgot these, lad. "

" Oh yeah! For you, my dear. " Liam said handing them to me. 

" Thank you!!!" I said sticking my face in them. " They're beautiful!!!"

" So when will you be allowed out of the hospital?" Zayn asked with a worried look.

" I'm not sure. Let's ask the doctor."

" I've got it babe." Liam said, pushing through the boys. 

" Okay thanks."  As soon as Liam left the room, the boys started talking to me all at once. Louis started. 

" Lauren, you shouldve seen Liam! He had a freak out! He was so worried."

" He was pacing the halls, calling everyone he knows...." Niall added " You know he's been petrified of needles since he was 8! And when the doctor said they needed blood, he went straight into Superman mode. Like he didn't even care." Zayn said. 

" I feel so bad!!" I cried. " I didn't know!" Harry stopped me.

" No he didn't have a problem with it. Honestly, he loves you do much, it's really obvious." I blushed.

" I love him more than he'll ever know. "

The boys went into a chorus of " AWWWW's" when Doctor Everett entered the room, with Liam behind. 

" Alright, alright." the doctor said with a smile. 

All the boys turned to look at him.  I noticed that Harry immediately looked down at his feet. 

" Just came in to let you know that Lauren's recovery could take around 2-3 months. It could be a long time, or she could recovery quicker. But she's going to have to have physical therapy. Every day,"

He said looking at me. " You will have to do exercises to help your leg to recover.

Indeed, you will have crutches to get around, seeing as though your leg will not be able to take the weight it normally can."

" Poop. " I said.

The boys laughed. 

" Yes," The doctor continued with a grin. "but dont worry, you'll be better in no time. "

The boys, including me, cheered.     

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