This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


29. Liam and Lauren: Hawaii Edition


I woke when Liam nudged me. 
" We're here babe." he said. "you slept like a baby!"
I stretched.
"I can't believe I slept through the whole thing! Sorry Liam!"
" Its okay." he said.
Standing up, he picked up our bad and helped me to my feet too."
" You ready? I said as people started filing out of their seats.
" So ready." he replied.

When we stepped outside of the airport I was completely blown away. Unlike Liam, I had never been to Hawaii and it was absolutely beautiful.
" Liam!!!! This is gorgeous!!!!!!" I squealed.
" Isn't it? I thought you would like it." he said with a smile.
He looked around.
" What are you looking for?" I asked him.
" Our cab." he said. " since you insisted we didn't take a limo!!"
" Well I didn't want to act like too big f a hotshot!" I giggled.
He poked me in the side.
" coz your cute like that."
" Oh is this it?" I asked pointing to an bright orange taxi.
" Looks that way." he said, grabbing our suitcases and putting them in the back of the car.
" To the Rosewood, please." he said politely to The cab driver."
" No problem." he replied. " have I seen you somewhere before?"
" ... Well I'm in a band."
" Oh I guess that's why you look familiar!"

The room was absolutely amazing. So was the rest of the hotel.
I would normally not even dream of staying in a place so nice!!
" Liam, I can't believe how fancy this place is!!" I said flinging my arms around his neck.
" Huh. What a Coincidence." he replied.
" Let's go swimming! Or the beach! Or somewhere outside, let's go!!" I cried.
" Okay, how about the beach down there?" he asked, walking to the window, and literally pointing to a beach that was across the road
I ran into the bathroom, put on my red and white striped bikini, ( Louis insisted that I bring it. Shocker.) and layered a cropped top over my chest.
" Ready?!" I asked coming out of the bathroom.
Lucky for me, Liam was standing in the middle of the room with no shirt on.
I could get used to that.
" Ooh, what a hottie." I said poking his ( stupidly rock hard) abs.
" Where can I get one?" I smiled and he kissed my nose.
" Too late, you're already stuck with me." he said.
He put on a shirt, and followed me out of the room.

Liam and I were lying on the beach on a towel, with sunglasses on, and we were facing each other.
" Truth or Dare?" I asked Liam.
We'd been playing the game for 10 minutes, and although it was kind of childish, it was also kind of fun!!
" Dare."
" I dare you to..... Go over to that ice cream stand and ask if you can buy a plastic spoon."
" Oh my goodness, Lauren that's ridiculous!!" he said.
Daddy direction talking right there.
" You picked dare!!!" I yelled.
" we'll I'm going to dare myself!!!" he yelled.
I barely had time to understand, before Liam swept me off my feet, ( literally) picking me up Princess style, and carrying me to the ocean.
I was kicking and screaming playfully.
" No!!!! Babe, I'm still wearing my clothes!!!"
He kept running anyway.
" AHHHHH!" I screamed, smiling.
We hit the water and it splashed all over us.
I swung around and clung onto him with my legs.
" This is FREEZING!!!!" I yelled.
" Ready?" he asked, still laughing.
" WHAT?!"
" GO!"
He dropped on his knees, and took me with him, and we splashed into the water together.
" AHHHHHH!!" I clung to him more.
I took my hands and splashed his face.
" Boo you!" I said, although I was still smiling.
He splashed me back.
" I LOVE YOUUUUUU!" he yelled.
A couple of people on the shore turned to look.
Oh yeah. That's my boyfriend. Up all of yours.
I turned around to grab some sand to throw at him and he grabbed me from behind, and swung me around.
" Oh no, you don't!!" he said into my ear.
He finally stopped swinging me, so I could turn around and kiss him.
" Tastes like salt." I said when he pulled away.
" Yup! I don't mind though!"
I laughed and took his hand.
" I love you."
" I love you too, honey."


" Uh we'll have two mango flavored ice creams please!" I asked the Ice cream man at the side of the street.
" In waffles cones!" Lauren added.
The man handed us our ice cream and we licked it up.
Walking hand in hand, we were going down the boardwalk, admiring the beautiful shore.
It was around 5, and soon the sun would begin to set but we didn't mind.
Although we should be back before dark.
You know. I wouldn't want trouble.
" How about we go down to the shore?" I asked Lauren.
" Sure." she replied, looking up at me.
We walked a little further.
" This is really nice." she said. " This, you, just being here."
" It's nice to get away, isn't it?" I said.
" Yeah. And to be with you, of course."
I kissed her on the cheek.
" That's my favourite part."
And that's the truth.
The thing with Taylor had been annoying me a lot lately, but it's nothing Lauren and I can't get through.
Maybe I should meet up with Taylor and tell her to go away in person?
No, that would be mean.
" So whats the plan for tonight?" she asked.
" I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't of had dessert before dinner." I added.
She laughed.
" Maybe so!"
" So what do you feel like for dinner?"
" Maybe we should just stay in for Supper. Room service. Maybe watch a movie?"
" Sounds good! They have a movie renting service at the hotel, so we can arrange that! Im in a movie watching mood right now!"
We got to the beach and sat down.
Lauren put her head on my shoulder.
We were almost alone now, except for a bunch of teenage girls that were about to walk past us.
I was about to say something, when the teenage girls walked past.
They clearly recognized me and Lauren, and I saw one girl give her a mean look, and say to her stupid little friends, " Slut."
I immediately stood up.
" I'm sorry, what was that??" I said, my voice getting louder.
The girls got all hushy and tried to ignore me.
Lauren stood up and grabbed my arm.
" Babe, don't its not worth it."
" No!" I said to her, starting towards the girls.
She stopped me.
" Liam, please. "
I stopped.
" No one calls my girl names. No one." he said.
Her face showed utter surprise.
Maybe I was acting a little out line.
 A little bit out of character.
But those girls' comments were uncalled for!!
I calmed down. 
"okay. I'm sorry honey." I said. " It just hurts me when people say stuff like that about the girl I love."
" And it hurts me when people say hurtful things about you too. Things like that your gay."

****("Yeah about that.... I'm dating Niall. Sorry. Tough luck. Well see ya in Britain.") < I'm totally kidding guys lol #NIAM forever)***

" I know. It really sucks to have people think of me like that. No respect nowa days."
" I know. But at least your here now. With me. Together!" she said resting her chin on my shoulder and looking up at me with her gorgeous green eyes.
" You're really beautiful, do you know that?" I said to her. I couldn't help it.
She seemed taken by surprise. 
" Well, not really but thanks anyway." she was looking at her hand in her lap.
I started softly singing.
" But when you smile at the ground it's not hard to tell, you don't kno-o-ow. You don't know your beautiful." I sang, and closer and closer to her till I kissed her.
She smiled.
" Thanks."
Please. We could all see her red face.
Well just me. We were alone.
I think.

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