This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


10. Good Old Nandos


LAUREN'S POV    " NANDOS I'VE MISSED YOUUUUUU!" Niall cried, taking off his SnapBack and frisbee ing it to the nearest table. His date, Brianna giggled, picked up his hat and put it on her head. Brianna and Hanna, two directioners had won a contest that let them go on a date with the boys. They seemed really excited, like they would pass out at any moment.  " Calm yo tits." zayn said, pulling out a chair for Hanna and taking a seat for himself. " You guys don't understand. This is my home, my love. Be still my chicken loving heart!"  " okay you're just going to have to excuse Niall." Liam said to me. By then, we had all taken seats and ordered our food.  " So everyone you haven't met my girlfriend, Yet. Niall smiled at me, zayn looked up from his coke, Louis and Harry looked up from their argument about whether or not cats could eat carrots, and it was evident the two directioners were trying very hard not to freak out.  " This is Lauren." Liam said gesturing to me.   " Hi." I said sheepishly. The table stared at me.  And then everything exploded.  Not literally, don't worry.  " Aaaaaah!" Louis said walking around to hug me.  "your so gorgeous!" Niall said to me. " absolutely everything Liam told me."  " oh," I said wiggling my eyebrows at Liam. " you talking bout me Hun?"  " The boy won't shut UP. And we've only been TEXTING!" Zayn said.  " GUUUYS!" Liam said, his cheeks going super red. "Stop iiiit!"  Harry, who was sitting beside me, poked me in the side and whispered to me,  " He's not kidding, he had us all on Skype talking to us about how perfect you are for him. He really loves you." I smiled. Liam loved me!!! Liam Payne loved me!!!  And then everything exploded.  Okay I know I just said that, and I'm kidding about the everything exploding part but something really did explode this time. And as it turns out, it was Hanna's brain.  " Oh my God!!!!" All of our heads snapped Brianna's direction. Hanna's head was on the table and Brianna was trying to wake her up.  " She just passed out!!"  Zayn  jumped up, " I'll go find somebody!" " Call 999!" (The emergency number in the UK)  Niall said to Louis who quickly brought out his cell phone and started talking to an operator. I ran over to Hanna and Brianna  " Don't worry, I've been trained in this." I gave Brianna, who was starting to look very distressed, an assuring smile. " Liam I need you to carry and put Hanna on the floor!"  The other people in the restaurant had now realized what was going on and some had stopped to look, while others had walked away.   Hanna was now on the floor. God, Liam was so strong look at those biceps. 'PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!' I thought. 'Okay, first rule in my CPR course. Check consciousness.  I started banging the floe beside Hanna's head.  " Hanna are you're with us?! Wiggle your fingers if you can hear my voice!" I looked at her fingers. Nothing.  Louis was back.  " 999 is on the way." he said, looking a mixture of impressed and distressed.  " I also called Paul. He's on his way as well." " okay, good I said turning to Brianna.  " Does she have any allergies? Any health problems that you know of?" I said to her. Poor girl. She looked so upset.  " She can't have some kind of spice I can't remember what it was!" she looked nervous now.  " Harry, check what's in the garlic bread!" he ran off to talk to a waiter who was passing by.  If 999 hadn't of arrived right then, I wouldnt of known what to do. While paramedics were covering Hanna's mouth with a respirator, and putting her on a stretcher, I gave Liam a grimace. He looked so worried Harry was explaining to the ED that there had been an allergic reaction to the garlic bread, Zayn had only just returned, and Niall and Louis looked like they would throw up.  So much for a first impression.   


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