This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


40. Good Morning!

I didn't even bother unpacking, because I was so excited for my 3 days with Niall. Because honestly, we'd only hung out a couple of times, but I felt like he was a brother to me.
By the time it was dinner time, we'd already collapsed on the couch, in a fit of giggles. What a blast.
" Well. It's 6:00. My favourite time." Niall said, when we finally quieted down.
" how come?" I asked.
" coz it's SUPPER TIIIIIME!!!!" he lept up, and ran to the kitchen, full speed.
" SO! What we've got for choices is NUMBER ONE!" he said, as I finally caught up with him in the kitchen.
" oh god..." I said, stroking my fake beard. " tough decision. I think I'll go wiiiiith. Nandos."
" NANDOS IT IS!!!" he said, leaping up again.
He got his cell phone, and called nandos, ordering chicken for both of us, coca cola, and delivery.
The food arrived, and we sat on his couch, and flipped on the Telly.
" what type of shows do you watch?" I asked him.
" Meh. Just kind of everything thats on. Zayn likes family guy, Liam likes friends, I like both it doesn't really matter to me."
" I see. " I said, as he finally decided to watch a movie, and brought up Netflix.
" What movie do you want to watch?" he asked.
" hmm I don't know." I replied. " how about Grease?"
" Sounds good!!"

Niall and I were up till 3 am watching movies last night, and it was all types of fun. Unfortunately, I'm an early riser, which means I won't be getting enough sleep.
I threw my feet around the edge of the bed, and crept out into the hallway.
I walked up to Nialls door, and slowly turned the knob, being careful not to make any sounds at all.
Niall was stretched out across the bed, a diagonal line, snoring.
I swear I heard him fart right before I opened the door.
I brought my phone up, snapped a pic, then went into twitter.

"@lauren_smith: Had so much fun with you @Niall_Official last night!! Guess I tired you out:)"

I crept back to my room, and shut the door.
My suitcase was still lying at the edge of my bed, unpacked.
Guess now is a good time, as ever.
I put the luggage on my bed, and unzipped it.
One by one, I pulled out all of my clothes, and neatly hung them in the closet.
I've always been this way. My closet is my favourite part of my room, so I've always made sure it's tidy.
I put all of my makeup in the bathroom, on the counter, and in the drawers, and put my jewelry on my dresser.
By the time it was 10:00 I was done.
And Niall wasn't even conscious yet.
So I put on some military- print skinny jeans, and a slouchy tee with a cat face on it, put on makeup, and headed down stairs.
I drank tea and scrolled through my twitter feed, enjoying the silence. Then i made chocolate chip pancakes, and honestly, I'm surprised the smell didn't wake Niall, till 10:30.
Now it's time for some fun.
I ran back upstairs, crept into nialls room all quietly, and stood beside his body, his chest rising up, and down.
Cute little leprechaun.
Don't be alarmed, I love Liam.
I'm just saying, he's pretty adorable.
I slowly got both of my feet, then my whole body onto his bed, standing now, and then suddenly jumped, up and down screaming at the top of my lungs.
He sprung up, and tackled me to the floor.
" IT'S. TOO. EARLY!!" he yelled, hovering over me.
" Time to wake up!!!!" I yelled back.
Leaving my body on the floor, he collapsed back into his bed, and pulled his covers all over his head.
I got close to where his face was, under the covers, and said quietly,
" I made pancakes.", and sprinted downstairs.
It was not very long before I heard his footsteps literally right behind mine.
Typical Niall.

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