This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


26. Fun Plans *message!*



After the whole incident with Aaron Hilger, I really just wanted some time to myself.

This was a lot to process. This wasn't a problem for Liam, who was still preparing for tour anyways.  But I have had all week off, and this is Liam's one day he's not practicing so we've decided to go out. 


The doorbell rung, and I straightened up my infinity tank. 

" Hey babe!" I said opening the door. 

I immediately stopped in my tracks when paparazzi were surrounding Liam, almost trampling him, with cameras in his face, flashing, shouting questions at him. 

I quickly grabbed his shirt and pulled him in pushing against the door with my back, ( which was easier than i expected it to be because i didn't have my crutches anymore).

" Oh my goodness, I'm sorry Lauren. I tried to get away from them but they just kept following me."

  " it's okay." I said, kissing him. 

" Well, Ive missed that!" he said with a smile. 

" I know me too! Okay do you want to go out the back door?" I asked Liam. 

" Sure thing. I have to use the bathroom. I'll be back." he replied. 

I walked to the front door, to see If the photographers had gone. Nope. They were still there. 

Wait did I just hear something about Taylor Swift? What on earth? Do they have the right house?

I put my ear to the front door.

I almost jumped a mile when Liam returned. 

" Back! You ready?"

" Yes! Let's go!"  


Luckily, we managed to make it to the main street without the photographers. But unluckily, they found us when we got there. 

" Liam will you kiss your girlfriend?" one man shouted.

  " Liam does she know about Taylor?" another yelled. 

I looked at Liam and quickly dragged him into the store we were walking by.

Luckily for us, it was just a comic book shop.

  " I never knew you were into anime..?" he said looking around. 

" What was that photographer talking about, Liam?" I stopped him. 

" Lauren, don't worry about it. That man was just trying to get a rise out of you, on camera."

I looked into his eyes. Deep. 

" Promise?" I asked him. 

" Promise."

" Okay. Who would want a life size cut out of Batman?!" I asked, nudging a cardboard figure that was beside me. 

" Hey! ME!" he laughed.   


LIAM'S POV I feel a little bad about lying to Lauren. I mean it's not like I'm dating Taylor or anything, no I would never cheat on Lauren. But I have had some problems with T lately.

Like now for instance. 

I stopped admiring the Batman cutout when my phone buzzed.

Taylor again. 

" Hey there cutie;)" she texted.

I didn't reply. 

" Who's that?" Lauren asked, harmlessly. 

" Just a friend." I said locking the home screen.  " Hey I've been thinking." i said, continuing 

Lauren looked up at me from a Captain America poster. 

" Maybe we should get away. Like go on vacation."

" Oh, I don't know Liam. I couldn't afford that. My boss at The Blue Monkey has been really annoying me lately. I've been barely getting tips."

" No, no that's not a problem. I'll pay for it, it's my special treat."

" No! I couldn't!"

" Lauren. I'm a singer. I can afford it! Plus, don't you want to get away from all the press and the attention? Come on, it'll be so much fun!"

She traced her finger over a pile of The Incredible Hulk comics. 

" Are you sure?" she asked. 

" Absolutely." I said, reassuring her.

This was literally no problem. 

She smiled.  " where are we going?"    




  *message!* I just want to say, if you've been keeping up with my fanfic, and reading it, i love you so much! thank you! please comment your thoughts, and becmoe a fan! k BAI xx

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