This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


45. Cameras and Soggy Roses


I couldn't tell Lauren what had happened. She would never talk to me again. This wasn't just something small. This was a big deal. I had screwed up, and now I was taking it out on one of my best friends, Niall, and my girlfriend, Lauren. I don't know what I am going to do.
She was in my house. Not Lauren. I told her to get out but she didn't move. It all happened too fast. She was flirting with me and I tried to resist but she leaned in first.
I kissed Taylor Swift.


it's probably just stress. He's been working a lot. There's been a lot of stuff about him going around lately, as well as the band. I just had to forgive him, I'm sure it's nothing after all.
I figured maybe if I made him a home made meal for him to eat when he got back late, he would feel a little better.
So I asked Niall to drop me off at Liam's place. He asked me if he should wait, but I told him I'd just take the bus home. That's okay.
It just started raining as I lifted up his doormat, and got his house key, one I'd asked specifically for him to put out there. He'd insisted that it was dangerous, but I'd convinced him otherwise. I covered my head with my hands, and got inside.
When I got inside, and started to get pasta out, I figured he'd enjoy some Italian, I noticed something move in the corner of the ceiling.
Is that a camera?
It is!!
I started to panic, but then realized that Liam ha told me once that he had installed cameras in his place, with a monitor in the entry way, just in case of any problems.
I laughed out loud.
I should make funny faces at it, then set it to play back on the screen in the front entry way when he gets back! I started to pull monkey faces, and dance around.
I was almost out of breath, when I walked to the monitor in the hall. I clicked on 'past' and accidentally scrolled down. Oops. My hand hovers over the button to bring it up a page.
There was a picture of Liam entering his house.
Aw look it him. He's cute when he's tired.
Then there was another picture of him coming into the house with someone behind him. I guess he had friends over? I flinched as I was about to press the scroll up button when I noticed a different picture.
He was kissing a girl. At first I thought it was me, then I looked closer.
I don't have bangs.
That's Taylor Swift.

I drop the package of spaghetti on the floor just as Liam walks into the room, wet from the rain.
Home early.
" Hey, Lauren I'm sorry about today, see there's something I have to tell yo-"
" save it." I say, as I charge past him, grabbing my purse on the way out.
I start walking, and continue even after Liam calls out to me.
I walk the whole way back to Niall's house.
In the pouring rain.
Look who's lying on the cold hard ground now, huh?

As soon as I had walked in, Niall swept me up in a towel, and made me a hot tea.
" I can't BELIEVE IT, NIALL!!" I yelled, after I had explained the whole thing. " I trusted him!!!!! Now he's going around kissing TAYLOR SWIFT?! After accusing US of cheating?!"
My phone started to ring again. That would be the seventh call from Liam since I left.
" Lauren, you should answer that. I know you're mad, and I believe what your telling me, but it just doesn't seem like Liam. I'm sure there is a logical explanation for this."
I looked at Niall. His eyes were filled with worry and concern. I don't blame him. I've been yelling about Liam for the past hour.
" Fine."
I picked up my ringing phone, which was singing 'Little Things'. Ironic huh? I wonder if Taylor Swift hates her thighs too.
" Lauren let me explain, it wasn't real, I wasn't technically-"
" Stop making excuses! I saw what I saw! And that Is NOT photoshop!!"
I gave Niall an annoyed look, and he shrugged. I stomped upstairs, into my room, and paced back and forth. I considered opening my balcony doors, but it was still pouring outside. But It's getting hot in here.
" But Lauren you have to hear me out, I don't love her, I love you okay? I missed you and I was trying to feel something coz I missed you so much. I'm such an idiot and I should've never done that. Please, Lauren. Forgive me."
I sighed. Loudly, just in case he couldn't hear.
" I would rather talk to you in person."
" Then go onto your balcony."
" what?"
" go out on your balcony."
" Liam its freezing outside, I'm not gonna-" I stopped as I peeked through the windows, and saw a soaking wet Ljam standing below the balcony, a bunch of soggy roses in his one hand, and his phone on his other.
" Please?"
I couldn't help but smile. Actually, it was more of a grin.
I ran downstairs, swung open the door as fast as I could, ran around to the backyard, and practically tackled Liam with my hug. The warm and cozy outfit I was wearing before had now been absolutely soaked by the rain, and I could barely see three meters away from me. It didn't matter anyway. All I was looking at was Liam.
" These are for you." he handed me the soaking roses, and I laughed. " I'm so sorry Lauren."
I didn't even have to say anything back.
I kissed him, and it said everything that needed to be heard.
And it that moment, everything was perfect.

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