This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


28. At The Airport


LAURENS POV   Liam and I stood, hand in hand, in the middle of the airport.  " No, I think terminal 3 Is that way" I said pointing to my left.  My giraffe-print luggage case was not all that jam packed, ( thanks to Louis) and Liam's was doing alright too.  " Well okay. Let's try it. The plane leaves in an hour so we're good until then. Another paparazzi sprung out of no where to take pictures and Liam quickly squeezed my hand and kept walking on.  " Lauren how do you feel about Taylor?" he asked me.  I didn't respond.  A couple of people turned to stare at us, a few snapping pictures with their cell phones.  " Sorry, Lauren." " Babe! It's no problem! It's not your fault!!" " I know but I still feel bad." I kissed him on the cheek, and the camera started clicking like crazy, and said  " it's okay. We're worth it."   " A 13 year old girl came up to us and looked up at Liam.  " Hi, I'm Spencer." she said. " I'm a huge fan Liam. Can I take a picture with you two? I think your the cutest couple ever! I ship LiLa!" LiLa? Ship? What was she talking about? " Of course, that's not problem!" Liam said, taking the reins. " thank you do much for your support!"  We posed and snapped a pic.  " Thank you I love you so much!" Spencer said to Liam.  " I love you too!" he replied.  " you ready babe?" he asked me.  I grabbed my suitcase.  " Yep! Let's go!"     On the plane, Liam had actually bought first class tickets, which was nice of him.  We had just sat down, and buckled in and I took Liam's hand.  " Babe, I've never been on a plane before. I'm actually really scared." I said. I felt sick to my stomach, like I would throw up at any minute.  He put his arm around me.   " It's okay. It'll be alright." I smiled and pecked him on the cheek.  " I love you." " I love you too."    LIAM'S POV   It was hard to feel alright myself on the plane ride. Taylor was bothering me again.  " Hey why you no answering my texts?:((" she messaged.  " Taylor, I had a girlfriend. Please stop bothering me." I texted back.  There was no reply. Hopefully that would get rid of her.    In the meantime, Lauren was sleeping on my shoulder. At the start, I was worried she would get too scared, but she was fine.  Aw. She was cute when she was sleeping.  I would go to sleep myself, but the nightmares I've been having, have been really horrible lately. Better yet, I've been having them every night.  If I went to sleep on the plane, I'm scared that I might freak out Lauren with my thrashing or talking or sweating in my sleep.  I didn't want her to know how worried I was about her.  For her. 
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