This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


25. An Unwanted Reunion


Detective Angelique called. She said that they had received the DNA tests, recorded our information, and they had had suspects interviewed and questioned. But they found the one. They found the person who shot Lauren.

I helped get Lauren ready, ( it was harder with her cast) and soon enough, we were out the door, and we arrived at the Police Station.
When we walked in, a short asian man with black hair led us to some chairs in the hall, where we could sit. Well mostly Lauren.
Then we saw them.
I could not believe it.
This was too crazy to be true.
Hanna and Brianna from the Nando's date ( Who turned out to be sisters) walked out of the investigating room.
Hand cuffs on their wrists.
Holy. Kevin.

I stood up.
" You?!? You did this to Lauren after she saved your life?!?!!"
The Asian guy ( Detective Po) came out again, noticing that the noise level had increased.
" Sir, can you have a seat please? Just for us a minute to explain what's happening here."
I was not sitting. I was not calm. These were DIRECTIONERS.
" Babe, it's okay." Lauren said.
I realized how hard this must be for her, meeting the person who caused her so much pain.
" I'm sorry, Lauren." I sat.
But no need, because Detective Po had already led us into what looked like an office.
" Hanna and Brianna Hilger were only being interviewed for their brother, Aaron, who really injured you, Lauren."
Lauren looked like she was going to pass out.
I took her hand in mine, and squeezed, hoping she would feel reassured that I was here.
" Aaron is being taken to jail at this moment. If you wish to see the interview tape-"
" I do. I definitely do." Lauren replied immediately.
" Well, alright then." The detective said.
" He put a CD in the small tv in the corner, ad it started to play.
" Why did you hurt Ms Smith?"
" Please." the boy looked around 16. And he was not happy.
" I wasn't aiming for the chick. I was trying to hit the dude." Aaron said to the interviewer.
My jaw hit the floor. WHAT?
" Why would you target Mr Payne?"
" Coz his stupid little boyband has ruined my life. My sisters won't shut up. They won't stop talking about them, singing them, singing ABOUT them. It's driving me crazy!"
" But you shot his girlfriend instead, and you will indeed have to face the consequences."
Aaron said nothing.
The interviewer looked at him questioningly.
" I'm not saying anything until a parent or lawyer is present." he demanded.
" Alright. Chris?" she motioned for a large man to handcuff Aaron, and detective Po paused the video.
I looked over at Lauren, who throughout the video had squeezed my hand numerous times.
Her eyes were watering and red, and I gave her a big hug and whispered in her ear,
" Don't worry. It's okay. He's gone now. "
I could feel her nodding on my boulder, but she let out a sob anyway.
Poor Lauren.
What could I do?

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