This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


21. A Visit From Someone Special


After Harry's big announcement last week, things have surprisingly been the same. Except for my injury, or course.

" And PULL" Glenda, the hospitals physical therapist, said to me. I had this big elastic thingy stuck on my foot? Not a good time. I'm hungry.
" Uh uh! Not too hard, youll hurt yourself."
I gave her a look.
" You know what I mean!" she said with a smile.
Right then, Liam walked in, with a stupidly adorable little girl in tow, might I add.
" Hey babe! I brought someone here to cheer you up! This is Lux! Say hello Lux!"
Lux stuck a finger in her mouth. " Hi Hi!" she said giggling.
Okay that was officially the cutest thing I've ever seen.
" Hi there Lux!!! I said picking up my crutches and hopping over to Liam, and pecking him on the lips. (never gets old).
" Who's is she?" I said bending down and giving her a smile.
" Lou's. She's our makeup artist. It's her kid. I asked if we could borrow her. Plus, Harry missed her and wanted to play with her anyway." Liam was acting a little bit out of sorts today. I wonder
" Well she's just adorable!" I walked over to my side table and grabbed a stuffed purple giraffe that Aria had brought me, last time she visited.
" Well I know a special girl who might like this purple giraffe."
Lux gasped and stuck her hands in the air.
" Is that you? Do you want Mr Purple?"
She shook her head up and down very hard.
" Well here you go, Ms Lux!"
She planted a big smile on her face, took the giraffe, and hugged it closely to her chest.
" Your so good with her!" Liam said to me.
" Yeah, I really love kids. I used to work at a day care."
" Well how about that!" he said.
" How's Harry?" I asked
" He's fine. The normal. "
" and the boys?"
" loud and chatty, as usual."
Although at the start, Liam had been sleeping at the hospital, I begged him to sleep at home. I felt terrible! He still insisted on visiting every day though.
" And how are you?" I said smiling.
" He jokingly started singing 'Lovesick' and I thwacked him on his ridiculously toned bicep.
" Don't freak out Glenda she's still here! I don't think she can stay calm with an impromptu performance from Mr Liam Payne!"
Glenda laughed, and packed up her tools into her bag. " Don't worry, Lauren. I'll be out in a jiffy."
She was such a lovely woman.
As soon she walked out the door, Louis entered.
" I AM HERE TO COLLECT MS PRINCESS LUX!!" he shouted in a loud voice, looking for Her.
Lux and Mr Purple quickly hid behind Liam, She giggled.
" OH WHERE COULD SHE BE?!" Niall came out from behind Louis and pretended to look all around the room.
" HMM I WONDER....." Louis said slowly inching towards the hiding Lux.
He yelled scooping up an unexpected Lux into his arms and literally throwing her to Niall who tickled her to the floor.
Lux was giggling and laughing uncontrollably by now.
" Your mother awaits!" Niall said, finally stopping.
Louis and Niall lead her out of the room, and I turned back to Liam.
He took my hand.
" I've really missed you. " he said, with a sad expression on his face.
" I've missed you too. What's wrong? Your really out of sorts today." I asked
" Nothing. It's really nothing."
" Hun..." I started.
" I'm sorry." Liam said, looking into my eyes. His own were starting to water.
" I'm sorry about all of this." Gesturing to my leg, he continued, " This is all my fault  I should've-"
" No. No Liam. This is not your fault. This isn't anyone's fault-"
" No. I should've protected you. I'm the man, and I didn't act like it."
" There was nothing you could do!! None of us were expecting it. We couldn't of known that was going to happen!" I interrupted. " Liam please. Don't blame yourself. This is not your fault! I love you, and I don't want you to get hurt over something untrue an as silly as that."
All he did was look at me. That didn't last long.
Because my favourite part of life was coming next. Literally.
 The kissing part.
I stood on my tip toes and pushed my lips against his. Maybe it's a good idea not to go into details. But it was pretty intense. Just saying.
" It's okay. " I said when I finally pulled away. " it's not your fault. It's nobodys."
He smiled.
" Oh my goodness!! I totally forgot! I promised I'd go shopping with Eleanor and Perrie tomorrow!! Please will you call them and tell them I'm sick?"
" Don't worry they know your sick. How about I give you their numbers so you can organize some other 'Girly time.'?" The last part he said in a funny, high pitched voice. Good. He was feeling better.
" Heeey! It's real bonding time! You don't know a woman until you go shopping with her. It's a well known fact!"
Liam laughed.
" I'm just kidding, babe. I know. " he said winking.
Sigh. I love this boy so much.

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