This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


1. The Party of the Year



"You HAVE to come!", Aria states," It's the biggest party of the year!" 

" I don't know Ari , It seems Kind of risky don't you think? I mean I heard that last year, some one got arrested for having like too much alcohol or something's"

"So?! It's at LIAM PAYNE'S house! Louis tricked him or whatever but STILL!" She says. Her curly brown hair is framing her face and makes her big saucer brown eyes stand out even more then try already do.

 I've always been jealous of how gorgeous she is, with her soft pink lips and sharp cheekbones. 

"What if something happens? I can't afford to be in that crowd I mean that would not help my rep."

"WHAT REP?" Aria laughs.

She's more a daredevil than I am. Yet another thing to be jealous of. 

"please!" she begs " I can't go alone! I'll look like a loser! Just this once! Pleeeeease!"



  I slicked on some dark pink lipstick to go with my eyelined eyes. But it didn't make a difference. My dirty blonde hair was still boring and straight, and my green eyes looked drab, as usual. ' I can't believe she's making me come' I thought to myself. ' I'm going to have no fun' 

I glanced at my curling iron that Aria had lent me, and thought maybe I should try switching it up, but by the time I decided it probably wouldn't work on my hair,I heard Ari's car horn outside my house

. Grabbing my purse I yelled goodbye to my mom and left through the front door



" Louis! This is NOT my crowd! I can't believe you threw a party at MY house!" I yelled at louis over the loud sound speakers.

My living room was filled with people I've never seen before and most of them were holding red cups. I didn't like the look of that.

  Louis turned around from Eleanor who looked a little scared as well.

  "oh Liam, live a little! Yoube been so busy with the band that you've barely had time to yourself! To have a banter!"

" you call this time to yourself?!" I yelled.

The song had changed. WMYB was now playing. Zayn was in the corner of the room DJ'ing. He knew about this too??

" oh come on Liam."  Louis lead Eleanor to the kitchen for a refill and she gave me a sympathetic look.

Glancing around, I spotted and punch table. I walked over to it , and filled up a cup with some punch and quickly spun around hoping to escape to the backyard.

" Oh my Goodness!!!" a gorgeous blonde girl squealed.

Her green eyes were absolutely breath taking and her lips were round and perfect. Her figure was highlighted by a gorgeous dress which was covered in punch.

Oh My God! That's my punch!!!!! 

"Oh my Gosh, I'm so sorry!!!! I'm so clumsy I never meant to do that I'm so sorry..."I started.

The girl looked at me. She didn't look angry or like he was going to yell, but instead just disappointed. 

"it's okay, I never liked this dress anyway, I guess" 

"I'm sorry let me help you get it off! I'll lead you to a bathroom. Follow me. I'm so sorry!!!"

" really it's fine." the  girl said.

 We got to the bathroom. Unlike the others, this was only a powder room. It was too small, so I sat on the counter top while the girl sat on the toilet with the lid down.

I grabbed some paper towel and wet them so she could dab at her dress.

I felt like it would be rude to help her, seeing as though the punch had spilled mostly on her chest.   

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