Hi my name is Holly I'm in love with Harry Styles. He saved me. Read more to see what happens :)


6. Uh-Oh

I woke up in someone else's bed...naked. I turned over and saw Harry. I shook him lightly and woke him up. "Uh Harry what happened last night..." I asked wearily. "Um well we erm kinda maybe" Harry said. "WHAT?!" I screamed. "We were both drunk..." Harry said. I suddenly bolted up and ran to the bathroom. I threw up into the toilet and then started crying. Harry ran in. "What's wrong love?" He asked even though he probably knew the answer. "I well um just threw up and almost positive I'm pregnant" I said shakily.  "Oh Holly it's going to be alright." Harry said while hugging me and rubbing my back. "Can we go to the store for something?" I asked. "Sure" Harry replied. "Do you wanna wear onsies?" Harry asked eagerly. "YEAH" I screamed back. We both got into our onsies and then headed to Walgreens. Harry went to pick up some photos while I shopped. I got a pregnancy test and then went to find Harry. He was about to check out. We payed and then left.

*skip the boring car ride*

We got out of the car and I headed for the bathroom. I read the directions and did as it said. I waited about 3 minutes, and then the result came up. "HAAAAAAAAAAAARRY" I screamed. He came into the bathroom and then I said "1....2.....3" and uncovered the test. POSITIVE it read. I guess Harry excepted me to cry or something because when I started yelling that this was the best thing that ever happened to me he looked surprised. "We need to go for an ultrasound" Harry declared. I called the hospital and scheduled an appointment. "When is it?" Harry asked. "In an hour." I replied. "Now if you don't mind leaving I'm going to take a shower" I said. Harry laughed and then left. I got into the shower and washed myself quickly. I got out and changed. I looked at the time and we had about 20 minutes. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZA ITS TIME TO GO" I yelled to Harry.

*skip the car ride because I don't feel like writing it :P*

We got to the hospital and we were a little late, the nurse was already waiting for us. "This way please" The nurse said. Harry followed but when we got there he had to wait outside. The lady got out a machine and scanned me. She then showed me a picture of the baby. I believe it's a girl she said pointing to the "private area". I started to cry tears of joy. Harry came in and hugged me. "If you want pictures of the baby here they are" she said handing Harry the papers. "Thank you" Harry said, and with that we left. 

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