Hi my name is Holly I'm in love with Harry Styles. He saved me. Read more to see what happens :)


3. The Concert

"OMIGOD" Amara screamed. We had just got to the parking lot of the concert. "WE'RE HERE" I screamed. We both jumped out of the car. We saw the line and started to wait. "LOOK" some girl screamed. The boys were in the bus and they all were looking out the window exept Harry.Then Harry came up and waved at us. "OMIGOD HE WAVED" we all screamed. Harry looked like he was laughing and then they all walked off. 

*at the concert*

*Harry's POV*

Me and the boys were getting ready for the concert. I was looking in the mirror as was Zayn. "Hey Zayn did you see that girl?" I asked. "Um which one? There's tons!" Zayn replied. "The one with the beautiful emerald eyes and blond hair. " I replied. "Yeah I think I saw her." Zayn said. "SHOWTIME BOYS!" A stage manager screamed at us. I walked onto the stage and said "How's everyone tonight" "GOOD" they all shouted back. "So what song shall we sing first?" "ONE WAY OR ANOTHER ONE WAY OR ANOTHER" They all chanted. "Ok then" I replied. After the song finished we took a quick break because something was up with Liam's pants. I was the only one who stayed out for the break. "So who is having fun so far?" I asked. "ME" they all screamed back. Thats when i saw her, HER the one with the eyes. "Ok I'm going to choose someone from the crowd to bring up for the next song"." PICK ME" they all screamed. "GIRL WITH THE CROP TOP GREEN EYES AND BLOND HAIR C'MON UP!" 

*Holly's POV*

He picked me. ME over all the girls in the crowd this is crazy. I went onto the stage and they boys came back. I heard Harry whisper to them something about "singing to her" and "i think i like her". They started to sing 'Little Things' and I teared up like I always do. 

*after the concert*

When I was up on stage at some point Harry slipped a VIP necklace around me. I went after the boys because Harry said to. We got into VIP and I was the only one.

*Harry's POV*

I asked her to VIP this was the night. THE NIGHT. We went in and for the first time all night she said something. "H-harry w-why did you pick me?" she asked. I went up to her and kissed her. "Because I'm falling for you" I replied. She started smiling. "HAZZA WE HAVE TO GO TO AN INTERVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIW!" Niall screamed at me.

*Holly's POV*

I didn't want Harry to go but he had to. I had to ask Niall something but I didn't want him to hear. (in irish)

"dáiríre?" (seriously)  I asked. "yera yeah brón orm Boo" (yeah sorry boo) Niall responded. "Aww a thabhairt go maith Harry seo agus é a insint dó Is breá liom" (aww well give this to harry and tell him i love him) I said. "a fhios agam nár cheart dúinn a bheith ar chlé chun tú i d'aonar! cad a rinne sé" (i knew we shouldn't have left you to alone! what did he do) Niall responded angrilyrud laughed mé Tá mé ag titim go díreach dó (nothing i laughed i'm just falling for him) Harry just looked at us confused. "Well we should go Ni I don't wanna be late" Harry said. I made a pouty face and wrote down my number. On the way out  i handed it to him and whispered "call me"

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