Hi my name is Holly I'm in love with Harry Styles. He saved me. Read more to see what happens :)


4. Next Day Drama

*the next day*

I woke up and looked at my phone. There were like a billion texts from a random number. Apparently it was Harry and he was asking if I wanted to hang out today but he texted a billion times and then he found my twitter and tweeted a bunch and then my instagram and so on. After a while i got up and texted Harry.

To Hazza Bear: sure when do you want to go?

From Hazza Bear: um we've got interviews all morning so maybe later tonight we could do something ;)

To Hazza Bear: why dont we just go to the club.... you havent none me for THAT long.

From Hazza Bear: wait theres a party at Ed's tonight wanna go to that instead?

To Hazza Bear: suuuuure ill cya later babe ;)

I got out of bed and picked out my outfit for the day: a pink chiffon top with black collar high wasted light wash shorts. I put on some light make up and put my hair in a high pony tail. I went down stairs and got some cereal. After I ate i went to tell mum that I was going shopping. "mum is it ok if i go shopping for a bit?" i said "sure what do you need?" she asked. "well I'm going to a party tonight and i need a new dress". "ok sweetie I'll see you later". she said "bye mum". I got into my car and started it up. I went to the mall and went into Forever 21 I got there and asked the lady where most of the dresses would be located. I went to the back and looked around. I turned around and saw the cutest dress EVER i looked at the price tag and it was fairly cheap. I went to the shoe section an picked out some heels. I paid and walked to Victoria's Secret. I bought a strapless bra to go with it. (HOLLY'S OUTFIT

*one hour before party*

It was an hour before the party so i started to get ready. I took a quick shower then put on my dress and put on makeup. By the time i was done i still had 20 minutes left so i got my clutch and put all my stuff into it. I put on my shoes and then i left.

A/N ok just got the wifi back :D ok so i will try to update every day but itlll be hard :P writing faanfiction is hard work id rather just read it :p   

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