Hi my name is Holly I'm in love with Harry Styles. He saved me. Read more to see what happens :)


2. Getting the tickets and making our stuff

*Holly's POV*

I just woke up and I felt horrible, but I got up and got dressed anyway. I went downstairs and my mum was there a huge grin on her face. Good morning mum i said  good morning sweetie I've got some exiting news! Um ok what is it? What is that silly band you like? One Direction right? Yeah what about them? Well nothing I just well I GOT YOU TICKETS! Oh my god are you serious?! Yes I am! She showed me the tickets and i almost cried. Ok well I'm just gonna well um go get ready for school. Holly its Saturday! Oh right um well I'm just going to go well um get ready for the day then. Ok I'll be making breakfast. I walked up the stairs and I screamed so loud people miles away could have heard. I immanently texted my best friend Amara 

To Amara:


From Amara:


To Amara Tomorrow! I know it seems early but can you come over today and we can make shirts and everything?

From Amara Defiantly I'll be there in like 20 i have to get dressed and everything

To Amara ok I'll get some stuff out and we can go to the store if we need anything else :)

From Amara That sounds great ill cya later :)

I got all of the stuff we needed and set it out on my bedroom floor.

*30 minutes later*

I heard a knock on the door and I went to get it my mom went shopping so i was alone with Amara. Hey Amara. I can't believe were actually going to see One Direction she screamed i know i screamed back ok lets go ahead and start on our outfits i said. We walked to my room and sat down I thought we could get those shorts we've never worn and put one direction fabric all over them or something? Yeah she responded ok I got out all the fabric and started to cut. After a while we couldn't find out how to fit the fabric on the shorts. Why don't we just write like Liam Louis Niall Harry Zayn and then put like Vas Happenin and stuff onto it? Yeah that sounds better. *shorts they created* we finished the shorts and moved onto the shirts. Should we do crop tops? Yeah I replied. We went online and got iron on autograghs from them. *picture of tops they made*

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