Hi my name is Holly I'm in love with Harry Styles. He saved me. Read more to see what happens :)


9. Almost Out.

*The Next Day*

I woke up because the door opened. A nurse walked in and said "How are you feeling?". "Good" I replied. "You can leave the hospital today or tomorrow your choice". "I think I will leave today I don't know yet". I said. "Ok well when you are ready to leave just check out and tell me, I will get Darcy".  I smiled at the thought of her. "Do you know were Harry Styles went?" I asked. "I believe he went home, he told me not to tell you why." The nurse replied. "Well ok..." I replied. "Am I allowed to leave now?" I asked. "Yes, you are I'll go get Darcy." She replied. The nurse came back with Darcy while I was getting my stuff together. She handed Darcy to me and I started to walk out. "Don't forget to sign out." She called after me. I signed out and out Darcy into her baby seat (Harry left it in there because he knew I was going to come back soon). I started to drive.

*Skip The Car Ride Because I Can't Think Of What To Put Into It*

I got out of the car and got Darcy, I would get my stuff later.

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