Hi my name is Holly I'm in love with Harry Styles. He saved me. Read more to see what happens :)


7. 9 Months Later

*9 Months Later*

"Harry" I screamed. "Yes love?" He replied. "T-The b-baby is coming now!" I chocked out. Harry carried me out to the car and he drove really fast. We ran into the emergency room. Harry was told he had to wait outside. I closed my eyes and tried to breath deeply. "Love where done" Harry said while kissing me. "W-Where's Darcy?" I choked out. "Oh so we're naming her Darcy" Harry smirked. "What you don't want to?" I asked with wide eyes. Suddenly my Mum rushed into the room. "MUM!" I screamed. "Were's my boo?" My mum said running past Harry. "Erm all bring Darcy in" Harry said awkwardly. "Thanks Harry" I said and then kissed him on the nose. Harry brought Darcy in and then we decided on a middle name. "Maybe Darcy Marie Styles?" I asked. "That's perfect!" After that the nurse came in and took Darcy, Harry came with her. Probably to let m have some alone time with my mum. "so how have you been mum?" I asked. "I've been doing good, I met a girl at restaurant and I have been hanging out with her to get my mind off of you. Mum said. "Awe mum". I said. Just then Harry came in. Darcy had on a new onsie. This one had butterfly's on it, Harry gave her to me. I admired her eyes she inherited from Harry. There were little brown curls on her head to. I turned her around. And on the butt of her onsie it said "Will you marry me?" Harry then pulled out a ring. "YES A MILLION TIMES YES" I shouted. "Your going to wake Darcy" Harry laughed.

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