I can't believe it...!

18 Year old Mollie wins Take Me Home back stage passes and tickets for the day day of her birthday. She instantly falls in love with an Irish blond lad. Then her life changes dramatically when something happens...


2. They Arrived

Four days later Mollie and her friend Sophie were sat at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her mum to return with the tickets. All was silent when the door knob started turn and the door was pushed open, it was her mum and she handed Mollie and Sophie the two tickets.


They instantly posted them on twitter and tweeted One Direction saying - "@OneDirection we are coming in 14 days to come and see the tour and guess what.... WE HAVE BACKSTAGE PASSES!!! (: (: (: <3 <3"-


All their friends we're jealous when they spread the news round. By this time Mollie was on the internet to buy tops and other merchandise ready for the concert she bought: a top, a hoodie, wristbands and also she bought paint and a big cardboard slab to make a banner ready for the concert, they had FRONT ROW seats!



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