I can't believe it...!

18 Year old Mollie wins Take Me Home back stage passes and tickets for the day day of her birthday. She instantly falls in love with an Irish blond lad. Then her life changes dramatically when something happens...


6. The Key

Sophie P.O.V

"MOLLIE WHERES THE KEY!" I yelled at Mollie! "I put it in the suitcase!" mollie explained to me. "Mollie why... oh why... did you get the suitcases sent to the room this morning" sophie moaned


Niall P.O,V

"Mollie is so hot" I said my heart pounding out of my chest "no shit" liam yelled at me from the bathroom. "Is it that obvious?" i looked worried

"Pretty much Nialler" Zayn muttered

-Knock - Knock -Knock

All i heard was 2 girly voices muttering to one another jumped up and opened the door. As soon as i saw it was Mollie I felt my mood lift up and i hugged her and welcomed them in to our pent house.


Mollie P.O.V

As soon as Niall opened the door i had butterflies in my stomach I thought i was being silly, "Hey" niall said in his irish charm of an accent, he was stood there top less with trackie pants on and white socks. "Hi urrm..." I was lost i couldnt get my words out. Sophie nudged me and snapped me back to normal again "sorry, our room key was in our suit case and our case got out in the room this morning could you help?" i continued.

"Sure come in" Niall said to us keenly, we stepped in smiling the boys were shocked to see us back here but when Niall explained to them what had happened Louis said " hey why dont you sleep here tonight?" he smiled and continued "I mean Niall has a queen sized bed and he has baggy t shirts you could sleep in" I was honored but did i really want to sleep with Niall, WHAT AM I SAYING "yes thats fine" i turned and smiled at Niall who was routing through his clothes "Here you go" he said to me as he handed me a t shirt with a lepricorn on it i smirked and went in the bathroom and changed

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