I can't believe it...!

18 Year old Mollie wins Take Me Home back stage passes and tickets for the day day of her birthday. She instantly falls in love with an Irish blond lad. Then her life changes dramatically when something happens...


5. The Hotel

Liam P.O.V

Niall and Harry obviously like these girls so much as they are nudging each other all the time and winking when the girls weren't looking. "oii Lou, come here" i called over to Louis. 

"Whats up bro" Louis chuckled and smiled

I glared at Mollie with Niall he was flirting her "Lou look, Niall loves her for sure!"

"watch this" Louis whispered in my ear


Louis P.O.V

I ran up to Niall and jumped on his back in the middle of the corridor and we had a play fight until Paul told us to stop it as it was like 1AM and guests would be in bed asleep, so we loosened up and let go of one another and carried on walking. when we got to our room Liam and Zayn offered for Mollie and Sophie to come in bu they declined they came up to me and Niall also and said good bye. "what room you in girls" i asked. "226 why you asking?" Sophie said to Harry in a flirtatious way. "well tomorrow we can hang out if you want?" i offered them. "Course ok" Mollie replied "BYE" we all yelled to them as they walked down the corridor to there room.


Mollie P.O.V

"OMG did that really just happen, we got asked by ONE DIRECTION to hang out with them tomorrow!" I squealed to Sophie. "i know right oh and by the way when you weren't looking Niall was totally checking you out!" Sophie groaned poking my hip! 

we reached our room and oh...no why did we get our suitcases sent to the room this morning...

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