I can't believe it...!

18 Year old Mollie wins Take Me Home back stage passes and tickets for the day day of her birthday. She instantly falls in love with an Irish blond lad. Then her life changes dramatically when something happens...


4. The Concert

After they introduced and the concert they started off by singing 'Summer Love' and then 'Kiss You' which Niall dedicated to Niall and Harry dedicated to Sophie. We both felt special as we sat backstage they ran off the Stage and Niall stopped in his tracks to wink at Mollie. Sophie nudged her and said "He totally likes you! Have you seen him he's like a dog with a bone, it's what he wants!" Mollie replied with "first of all dont compare Niall to a dog" she laughed and continued by saying "I dont think he does like me its Niall Horan for god sake and I am just me, Mollie from Cheshire!"

The boys ran past the girls cheered them on as they ran back on stage, Mollie and Sophie we're dancing and singing behind the curtain and they wondered why they were surrounded by musicians suddenly the curtains went up and they were on stage the spotlight trapped them, Niall wandered to the back of the stage and grabbed Mollie's hand as they just started singing Little Things.

Mollie looked back to where she was standing before Niall had pulled her to the front of the stage, Sophie was gone she looked around and saw her standing next to Harry, 2 chairs got pulled up on the stage the girls sat down next to each other and pulled out their Iphone 5's and started filming the whole thing Liam grabbed both the phones and filmed everywhere on the stage and got a great video of the concert.


Unfortunately the concert was over and Mollie had no idea that her mum had booked them in for 3 nights at a Luxuary 5 star hotel and spa. The girls were still allowed backstage and they chatted to the boys. 


"where you girls off to now then?" Zayn wondered

"we were just gonna go back to the hotel i think" Mollie replied, Niall looked over at her and smiled.

"What hotel are you at, we are at one for the week..." Niall asked

"I think its called The Hilton" Mollie said

"Oh my god same" Nialle chuckled

The door opened and in walked Paul he greeted us and Niall explained how we were at their hotel with them and he managed to get the girls a lift with the boys.


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