I can't believe it...!

18 Year old Mollie wins Take Me Home back stage passes and tickets for the day day of her birthday. She instantly falls in love with an Irish blond lad. Then her life changes dramatically when something happens...


3. Going Back Stage

6:10pm and the girls had just finished getting ready, Mollie was wearing a pair of White Vans, a leather jacket, a high waisted pair of shorts and a one direction top, her hair was straight and her blonde highlights had just been done she looked stunning. They hopped in her mums range rover and they drove up to manchester. When they arrived they had to go straight to the front of the queue to get in the back of the stage, they were so excited that they had permanent smiles attached to their faces.


The member of staff told the security guards that the girls had passes and they had to wear stickers to show they were allowed, the guard guided them up to the boys and they were sat on some couches waiting for Mollie and Sophie,  they were the only fans there!


"Hello there" said Niall in his Irish tone, he leaned in to hug the girls, "Hi" they replied as they handed over a bag containing an irish flag, a Nando's gift card and a teddy bear

"Hey" said Zayn, they handed him a bag with a mirror and a teddy in it,

"Hi there i'm louis the tommo tomlinson" the girls giggled to themselves as they handed a bag of carrots over to Louis along with a teddy,

"Hello pretty ladies" said Harry in a sexy voice and he winked at Sophie, she handed him a bag of presents which had a teddy and a pair of ray banns,

"hi" liam finally said to them both, Liams present contained a football and a teddy bear.


"AW THANK YOU" all the boys said to the girls who we're over whelmed by being so close to the boys. " your welcome" Mollie chuckled.


"So tell us abit about your self Mollie" Niall said cheekily " Well its my 19th birthday today and i am in love with you all and i am a twitter-holic and i tweet you each everyday..."

"WOW so are you a directioner?" Louis joked as he looked at Niall.

Mollie glanced over at niall who was sat there blushing and staring over at her. She suddenly became embarrassed.


The boys suddenly got rushed away to go and start the concert.

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