I can't believe it...!

18 Year old Mollie wins Take Me Home back stage passes and tickets for the day day of her birthday. She instantly falls in love with an Irish blond lad. Then her life changes dramatically when something happens...


1. The Tickets

"One of you lucky directioner's will win back stage passes and tickets to see the English-Irish band known as One Direction on February 26th at the Manchester Arena" shrieked the radio, Mollie's head suddenly shot up, she ran over to her Apple Mac Book and went onto the internet to enter the competition. "Mollie what are you doing..." her mum asked curiously "urrmm... well i am entering a competition" Mollie replied to her VERY protective mother. "Whats the prize and does it cost anything?"     "No mum it does not cost and you can win One Direction backstage passes and tickets for the concert, okay? LEAVE ME ALONE!!" He mum strolled out of her room as she filled out the form.


Later on that night her phone woke her up from a cat nap it was only 8:15pm, "hello" she answered sleepily, "hi is this Mollie" said a radio like voice, "Yes, whose calling?" Mollie replied. "Well hello there Mollie, this is Sadie from Kiss 101 you entered the 1D competition online yes?" "correct i did" Mollie said proudly, "well congratulations you have won the tickets but to win the backstage passes can you answer this one question correctly?" asked the radio broadcaster "i'll try my hardest!" she answered. "Okay, what two members share the same middle name and what is the middle name" Mollie instantly knew this one "Niall and Liam and its James" Mollie waited anxiously to see if she passed. "YOU HAVE WON THE TICKETS please stay on the line while we play Kiss You"


Mollie was unaware that her mum was stood in the doorway of her room and as she started to give out her address she snatched the phone out of Mollies Hands and walked out the door chatting on the phone to the radio station. Little did she know that her mum was confirming the tickets and got them sent to a different address.



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