The 103rd Hunger Games

Marigold is an orphan living in District 12. Her real last name is unknown to her so the Capitol decided to go with Janecki. Marigold Janecki. Hasn't got the nicest ring to it but Margiold's main aim in life is not to find out about her family, but just to survive. Having only the family hut to her name, she must find someway of keeping herself fed seeing as she is too young to get a job. No family, no money. She hopes for things in Panem to be changed. No Hunger Games, no Peacekeepers and mainly no control. She wants to live her life free but will the Capitol let her spread her wings and fly?


3. Upon Arrival

At first I was overcome with joy thinking that Leonard Mellark, the hottest boy in our district, if not the whole of Panem, could fancy someone as simple, plain and unknown as me. Then the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. He didn't really like me he just wanted to distract me from the Game, make me an easy, love-sick target. I lashed out at him and, as though he knew exactly what I was going to do, he caught my hand.

"Ah, ah, ah Marigold. You don't want to be dragged away and turned into an Avox now do you?" he said tautingly and for a split second it would be worth it because I could hurt him and avoid the Games. I lashed out again and he pushed me up against the wall, rendering me powerless.

"Listen, don't try any of your little tricks on me", he threatened through gritted teeth. Then he smiled and said, "Night sweetheart. Sleep well", and he planted a kiss on my lips as thought it was the type of thing we always did. He called me sweetheart, Haymitch's pet name for Katniss. I was fuming that he could just make me feel so weak, so stupid. On my dressing table next to me was a letter opener and I threw it towards him because he had his back to me. It just missed him as he shut the door but I was too angry and tired to bother retreaving it. So I just crawled back into bed and was thinking of differents ways of giving Leo and long and uncomfortable death in the arena.

I didn't manage to sleep that night so I just walked into the dining cart for my breakfast around 6:30am. Surprisingly, I saw Katniss sitting at the table wolfing down a bowl of cereal. I moved swiftly across the floor and sat down next to her.

"Morning!" I said and she looked up at me with such alarm. I suppose she didn't see me come in.

"You scared me, Marigold! You moved across the cart like a cat!" then she laughed. "So much like myself when I was about your age", and she had that look on her face that adults get when they're thinking back to a time. I had nothing against Katniss but I didn't really think of her as my role model. What she did was pretty amazing but not amazing enought because now we're all back to square one, as though the rebellion never happened. If I was to control a rebellion I would keep fighting, stay strong, never give up and make sure to make a permanent change even if it ended in my death. Katniss succeded but it left her feeling really weak and then after a few years the re-introduced to Games again. There was only one reason I wanted to desperatly win the Games and that was so I could make a change once I had left. It would be considerably easier as well because being a victor it would give me much more power. I sat there thinking about the difference I could make, the thousands of lives made better. I know what it feels like to be on the borderline of death, barely managing to live and I hate how there a so many people like that and then the Capitol just sits back and doesn't try to help. The Capitol makes me sick and I would give anything to watch it burn down in flames along with the people inside.

We arrived in the Capitol around lunchtime as Theeta predicted and there were cameras and reporters covering the platform upon arrival. Me and Leonard got off seperatly as I needed to run back to my room to collect my bag of precious memories. I'd always been quite camera-shy and hated being at the Reaping because the camera would scan the rows and if I ever caught a glimpse of myself on the big screen I would flush red. So I kept my head down and edged my way through the crowd. There was a car waiting to take us to the place where we were going to stay. I'd never been in a car before and its not really something exciting I would have hated to miss. It felt like the train however more cramped and didn't run half as smooth. As we drove along the Capitol's crowded streets I wactched people walking past. There was a woman with bright pink hair piled on top of her head, a man with a golden beard wrapped around his head and a couple walking a dog and the dog, the man and the woman all had the same green coloured hair. They all looked ridiculous and I couldn't see how on EARTH this was fashionable but it's the Capitol and anything goes here, even sending 24 innocent kids to there death.

After the short, interesting car we pulled up outside a towering building, decorated with what looked like tattoos. We stepped out of the car and we're directed through multiple corridoors until we reach a glass lift. I recognised it from previus Hunger Games when they did a pan of the Capitol. We walked inside and it began to rise. I could see over hundreds of buildings, some of them still not restored from the rebellion. I loved the lift as it tickled my stomache and made me feel like a little girl but when it ended I didn't wanted to come across as a child and complain. When we stepped out of the lift what we saw was amazing. I was so used living in my little hut back in District 12 with only three rooms; the bathroom, the kitchen/main room and a bedroom. But here, in our penthouse, the kitchen alone was bigger than my whole house! It was obviosuly fitted to the Capitol's style however it was not as crazy and out-there as their clothes were. The kitchen worktops were made of a sleek, red marble and looked completely untouched. There was a large, oak table in the dining room which was just off the kitchen and was decorated with patterns as if to tell a story. I ran my fingers along the carvings and they were so interesting and in depth that I couldn't peel my eyes away. They took me into my own little world and I forgot about the Games, the Capitol, everything. Then Peeta put his arm round me and snapped me back into reality.

" They're amazing aren't they? Me and a few members of District 6 helped carve it," and I turned and smiled at Peeta. It was the first time I felt accepted since I boarded the train and I never wanted this moment to end but of course, in a few days I would be dragged into the arena and then I would die. It hurts having an almost set date for death but I remembered I wasn't the only one.

"I'll give you an hour to settle in then we MUST get you over to the studio so that you can prepare for the Street Parade tonight. I've heard that Leemon has something extra special planned for you and Peeta. Oh, I just can't wait!" Theeta announced before leaving me alone in my room. I kept looking around, pinching myself to check that this was all real and it had been confirmed a number of times that it was. It's typical how they make the tributes feel so comfortable and relaxed for them then to hit you in the face by killing you. It's as though the Games had already started and the Capitol love to remind you that they are completely in control.

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