The 103rd Hunger Games

Marigold is an orphan living in District 12. Her real last name is unknown to her so the Capitol decided to go with Janecki. Marigold Janecki. Hasn't got the nicest ring to it but Margiold's main aim in life is not to find out about her family, but just to survive. Having only the family hut to her name, she must find someway of keeping herself fed seeing as she is too young to get a job. No family, no money. She hopes for things in Panem to be changed. No Hunger Games, no Peacekeepers and mainly no control. She wants to live her life free but will the Capitol let her spread her wings and fly?


2. The Train Ride

I showed no emotion the whole time the Peacekeepers were talking to me but the minute I closed the door I threw myself onto the bed and began to sob. What were the chances of someone as unskilled as me winning the Hunger Games?! And now how was Panem going to have a chance of becoming a free country without me to start the rebellion? Emotionally, I am weak, however mental I'm as strong as a bull. I was determined to make a change, to get my name in the history book. I climbed off my bed and pulled myself together. Because I had nobody to say my goodbyes to I just gathered the things I wanted to take with me; the picture of my parents from the mantlepiece, my hunting jacket and finally my locket my mother gave to me when I was 3. I placed them all delicately in my leather bag and headed towards the Justice Building. I shut my front door for what I knew would be the last time and took long, sturdy strides towards the last building I would ever enter in District 12. I was directed through different rooms until I reached the back door where the train was waiting for me. I caught a glimpse of Leonard just getting into the train and there were cameras swarming me as I got on. The doors smoothly shut and we almost immediatly went off. I sat down at the table with everyone else; Katniss, Peeta, Leonard and the announcer who's name I found out was Theeta. I noticed a huge scar down Leonard's which I presumed was caused by Katri. Then Theeta broke the silence.

"So, we should arrive in the Capitol by tomorrow dinnertime. Your prep team shall ready you for the occasion which will mean an extreme transformation but don't worry, I've met them all and they're lovely Capitol citizens!". In my books there were no lovely Capitol citizens, my prep team or otherwise. I exchanged a worried glance with Leonard as we we're taken into seperate compartments. Whilst I was in there I was washed and waxed so much I felt like they were removing layers of skin. They were constantly tutting at the way I looked after myself as though I had no dignity and I gave them all a dirty look and screamed,

" With all the time I have I can just about feed myself. I am constantly foraging for food and you think I'm going to care about my apperance?!" and they shut up immediately. The reason I had no friends is because I have a very short temper and ever since my parents died the fuse was growing ever shorter. They began to mess with my fiery red hair and began the tutting about my split ends but they did it more quietly, scared I might snap at them again. Once they had finished poking and proding me like I was some kind of animal they left the room as I waited for my stylist. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that under all the dirt and mess there was a girl who could not look more like her mother if she tried. I had her long, flowing firey hair, her perfect emerald eyes and best of all the smile that could brighten anyone's day. I'm just really upset that I'd been scowling almost all my life rather than just thinking about how lucky I am compared to so many other people in different districts. Just then my stylist walked in.

"Hello, nice to meet you," he said offering out a hand which I shook almost instantly, "I'm your stylist, Leemon, and I'll be preparing and creating all of your outfits throughout your experience in the Hunger Games. I must say I love your hair! And it really brings out your eyes. You are a natural beauty and I'll make sure you aren't hiding that by wearing layers of make-up!" and a smile crept across my face. I'd never been called a beauty before and it warmed me. I'd only just met him and I immedediatly trusted him. He was the first person I had trusted in a long time. He very much reminded me of Cinna, Katniss' stylist from when she was in the Games. He had natural blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and very light freckles. He was so little like the Capitol people I could easily mistake him as someone who was well looked after in one of the districts and he made me feel more at home. He turned to a waredrobe and pulled out beautiful knee-length coral dress. It was strapless and flowed like a pink sea. It was the first time I'd ever worn anything other than my hunting clothes and my reaping dress and it could not have felt more right. It seemed like it was made for me and I twirled round in delight. It turned out this was going to be one of my 10 everyday dresses to wear and I loved each and every one of them. There was a turquiose one, a lilac and a beautiful one the colour of a calla lily.

Once we had discussed my outfits, a bell went off signaling that it was tea time and I made my way to the dining cart. One of the staff informed me Theeta wouldn't be joining us as she had some important buisness to attend to so that just left me, Peeta, Katniss and Leonard. As they bought out the food, the Mellarks began talking about the days events. I couldn't help feeling really out of place, as though I was intruding a family meal or something so I just excused myself and went to finish my tea in my bedroom. I managed to eat about half but I had to put it down because my stomach was in knots and I went and had to shower. Everything I'd seen on this train was so technical, so advanced that I didn't know what to do so I tried to use as much as the basic settings as much as possible. Once I had a shower my foggy head became a little more clear so I dried my hair, pulled on my pajamas and jumped into bed. I'd had a tiring, eventful day so it didn't take long for me to become very sleepy. But just before I completely fell asleep there was a quite knock at my door. Considering the lack of attention I had had since I got onto the train I felt curious as to who it was. I pulled on a silk dress gown which was hung neatly next to me bed and walked across the padded floor. I opened the door just a crack to see the face of Leonard outside. He was also in his pajamas and his hair was all tousled as though he hadn't brushed it for a while.

"Can I come in? I need to tell you something", and without an answer he walked into the room and sat on the bed. I'd never once spoken to him and now, at 12 o'clock at night, he felt like we should start some sort of friendship.

" I can tell you like me, as well as every girl in the district does", and at first I flushed red, thankful for the darkness to cover my shame, but then I wanted to hit him for his arrogance, "but I just wanted to let you know that that's alright because I like you back".






(** note: this is not going to be along the same lines as the Katniss and Peeta love story!!!!!!!!!!! **)

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