The 103rd Hunger Games

Marigold is an orphan living in District 12. Her real last name is unknown to her so the Capitol decided to go with Janecki. Marigold Janecki. Hasn't got the nicest ring to it but Margiold's main aim in life is not to find out about her family, but just to survive. Having only the family hut to her name, she must find someway of keeping herself fed seeing as she is too young to get a job. No family, no money. She hopes for things in Panem to be changed. No Hunger Games, no Peacekeepers and mainly no control. She wants to live her life free but will the Capitol let her spread her wings and fly?


1. The Reaping

I braid my hair down my back the way Katniss had shown us how to do one day at school and put on my reaping dress. It was very plain and simple but was the only thing I owned other than my hunting clothes. I look at myself in the dirt-stained mirror then to the picture sitting on the mantlepiece. I looked just like my mother used to. Before she fell ill. I straighten up my dress and walked out the door, preparing myself for my 4th reaping. The day of the reaping means much more to me than just my name possibly being picked for the Games. It marks the anniversary of the death of my parents. Five years this year. I can feel tears sting my eyes however hold them back because I never showed my weakness in front of anyone. Everyone in my district thinks I'm rock-hard, a fighter and as firey as my hair. I wasn't going to prove them wrong.

"Hello District 12!" cried an over-excitable announcer who I'd never seen before. Our previous reaping was held by Effie Trinket and so was every other one for as long as I can rememeber. " Happy Hunger Games! This is so exciting! I've never done this sort of thing before. Now, lets watch this short clip to demonstrate why we are here today" and everyone turned to the screen to watch the same clip that has been used for every reaping. Her hair was a deep shade of blue and everything about her screamed 'The Capitol'.

"Okay, now we are going to change the order of things slightly this year so that we pick the male tribute first", and she dipped her hand into the bowl as to which she would pick out the male tribute. Her nails were so long they we're almost like claws and there was something about the way she was so happy about sending people to certain death that made me despise her. As she fished out a name her smile dropped slightly but did not completely fade. She cleared her throat and said, "Leonard Mellark" and everyone instantly turns around to face the son of Katniss and Peeta. He looked so much like his father did when he was his age that it almost felt like a re-run of Peeta's reaping. Leonard stood tall, not even worried by the fact he was being sent to his almost certain death. Everyone looked up to him and I couldn't help having a small crush on him as well as every other girl in the district. Then it was time for the girls tribute to be picked out.

"Katri Greenwood", and everyone turned to the 16-year-old girl everyone knew as to be the most blood-thirsty, crazed girl in the whole of Panem. It was as though she was born for the Games and she almost ran onto the stage she was that pleased to be there. And then I flooded with relief because now I only had three more reapings left then, if I survived all three, then I would be able to go throught with my plan to overthrow the Capitol. Nobody knew my plan yet because I'd never mentioned it to anyone. Not that I had anyone to tell it too. I tuned out the rest of the ceremony and once it was over, ran back home and threw myself on the bed, resting up for a night of hunting.

I was awoken by a loud, formal knocking at the door. Standing outside were two Peacekeepers with a stern look on their face.

"We have some bad news for you Marigold. Just before Katri got onto the train she attempted to murder Leonard and due to the new law that has just been passed any attempt of murder will result in excecution therefore we are left with no female tribute," and I knew where this was going, " so we had a private drawing and your name was picked out to be the female tribute from District 12 for the 103rd Hunger Games. You have 10 minutes to say goodbye before you meet us in the Justice Building so you can board your train", and my heart sank.

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