living a dream !!!

2 best friends who lived to meet one direction are going to one of the boys concerts they couldn't believe what was happening they packed their stuff and headed to the airport when they go to the hotel there bags get mixed with 1 of the 1D members will all there dreams come true ?


2. the great coincidence

 i was really happy and joyed when we were at the taxi waiting to arrive to the airport we still had 1 and a half ours before the airplane will leave and still had half an hour to arrive i couldn't wait the time was so slow i had no idea how to make it pass so i just chit chatted with henno who was playing with her phone i had mine in one of my bags i didn't need it at the airport , we talked for minutes about  one direction and  suddenly the taxi driver stopped  and we were at the airport. ALREADY !!!! it's only been 2 minutes henno looked at her watch and turned out we have been talking about one direction for half an our omg so we got our bags and waited an hour till we had to leave we got into the airplane which was so exciting and sat in our seats we had alot of money after we worked as hip-hop dancing teachers and waitresses at the same time and henno's parents sends money monthly , while my family seemed to forget me i just get mad when i think of them i really miss them and the fact of them forgetting me makes me hate them and miss them more and more, henno held my held my hand and asked me why the tears i didn't even reslize i was crying i just smiled and said i need to use the toilet as i was walking someone was getting out of his seat and stepped on my leg and i fell on the floor with a big ouucchh my leg hurts alot some blind idiot stepped on it gush it hurts like hell

sorry sorry i guy with a hot accent started to say

yah sure you are you dumb ass idiot  i said as i wa turning my face to see who was it

it was nn-niaa-ll from one direction oh my gush he is my favorite i said in my heart



i was heading to the toilet as i bumbed into some one i turned to look who was it and i saw a beautiful girl her eyes were red and seemed that she was crying i tried to say sorry but she insulted me it seemed that she was also mad of something

i asked her : why is a beautiful lady like you crying

she denied it and said that she wasn't but she seemed she was she tried to stand up but she couldn't i helped her up and introduced my self and said:

hey , i'm so sorry my name is niall,niall hor... but she cut me of what i was saying and said : i know who you are you are niall horan from one direction and i know because i'm a directioner

i opened my eyes really wide and covered her mouth with my hand and begged her not to scream like all the fans does

but she got my hand of her mouth and said who the hell do you think your self i'm not bothered to scream your name your an ordinary person not an allien dude

i was surprise she was the only fan who didn't scream our names and she was hot i wanted to get to know her so i asked if she was going to our concert at LA

in a matter of fact i am she said and a smile grew on her face

just as i grew a bigger one she asked if i can call harry to say hi to her cousin who was sitting way in the back and added that he was her cousins favorite 

so i called him as he went and i justed asked for her name turned to be faloo one nice name

so faloo i said how old are you ? i asked

20 she responded

and as a voise called and said that the airplane was landing in 5 minutes so we said our good byes as harry was coming back and she went to her seat



i saw faloo who was comming and sat in her chair and put the seatbelt on

you wont believe who came and talked to me!! i said

harry styles she guised , how did you know i asked her with a shock

i asked him to  come talk to you when i  met niall she said

you met niall your fav. 1D memeber and how  i asked

she told me the story as we were getting of the plain and had a taxi drive us to the Hotel and i was shocked i wished i was with her but thanked her for thinking about me


when we arrived to the hotel we checked in and 5 minutes later an employee had our bags in our room henno took her hot pink bags as i took mine but one of mines color had changed from hot green to dark green so i got it and opened it and saw that it was no mine i found a blackberry phone in it and some guys clothes i opened the other one it was mine but it wasn't the one with my phone so i took the blackberry and called my number

a familier voise answeresd but i didn't really recognize who was it i talked to the guys and we agreed to meet in the hotels  small cafe after half an hour and re-swip the bags back so i got a small shower wore one of my hot pink shirts that showed a small part of my tummy and one of my blue shorts and a pink converse got the guys bag  and went to the cafe it have been 30 minutes and still no sight of him i ordered an orange juice and waited after my juice came i took a sip when a voise called me i looke behind me and it was niall horan again but the again part was heard so he giggled and said yah yah i know

he asked if he can sit i said no problem , he sat on the chair beside me and took my orange juice and drank a little so i said :heyy that is mine in a teasy way and gave hime a look that said he did something wrong and we laughed , but i still wanted the juice and i didn't care if he drank of it i wasn't gonna let him win so i re-took the cup and drank a bigger sip at one time and gave it back and said here you go you can have it now and i put on an evil smile

then i asked waht he was doing here and he said that he and the boys were checkin in when they mixed his bag with someone else i first didn't realize but then when i opened the bag i saw an iphone some gurly undies that harry sarted to play around with and changing his voise into a gurly voise haha he giggled

then i realized that he was talking about my bag

so i gave him a frown and told him that it was my bads and iphone and clothes and undies -.-

so we switched our bags and he asked me to go on a walk in the small kinda forest

so i told  him that i really wanted to but my cousin will be mad if i do that and leave her alone

so he suggested to keep her with harry i was so glad to hear that

so niall called harry and i called henno and we kept them with each other and went i could see from hennos looks that she was filled with joy





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