living a dream !!!

2 best friends who lived to meet one direction are going to one of the boys concerts they couldn't believe what was happening they packed their stuff and headed to the airport when they go to the hotel there bags get mixed with 1 of the 1D members will all there dreams come true ?


7. the concert ( hennos birthday !!!!!)

the day has come it was the day we all were waiting for


me and faloo where so excited for this day we have waited for it our whole live but now we can't beleive 1D invited us instead of sitting in the crowd we had to sit at the backstage !!!

i was also dissapointed that noone told me a happy birthday wish it seemed that they forgot it really broke my heart , not even faloo remembered i was so sad

as me and faloo were dressing up she picked me my short purple and black short dress i looked hot in it and some purple high high heels and she made me my make up and my hair i felt like i was a princess i looked so much like one then she wore a short pink dress she love pink !! and it had a whole from half of  her back to half of her stomach she wore black high heels and put her pink lip gloss and made her makeup and her hair now we both looked like princesses as we were done niall and harry knocked the door and i said  to faloo here come our prince charmings and she giggled as they came in they both where amazed and complimented us harry held my hand while niall held faloo' we met zayn&perrie , liam&dani ,louis&el in the limoand we all looked perfect


-------------- after 2 hours----------------

we were at the backstage with the boys and perrie dani and el they looked like nice girls i went to nialls dressing room and wished him luck and gave him a kiss even thoughwe are still not couples then i went to the girls and we chatted until the boys went to the stage and started singing

the started with wmyb as always and finished with lwwy

then harry asked henno to come to the stage she was surprise and i gave her a small push and she went and he held her hand and th boys started to sing her a h-birthday song from the looks on her eyes i could see her happiness i was so happy for herand when the boys finishe her birthday song he gave her a kiss and asked her to be his girlfriend a tear escaped her eye's as she said in a trembling voice : harry i love i iii yess

she finally said as harry kissed her one more time and the crowd went crazy

then niall started to speak and he asked everybody to listen carefuly he said :

thers this girl i've been crushing on lately she stole my heart and brain i don't know what to say but  since the moment i met her i knew she will be the one for me

i was dissapointed when he said those words he likes another girl why didn't he say a thing...

then he said : i would like her to come to the stage also , faloo can you please come

i was amazed he loved me back i freezed in my place smiling whe perrie dani and el gave me a push to the stage where niall walked to me and held my hends and told me:

faloo i love you and i have loved you since the moment i met you .. it was a crazy day we met in  crazy situations but now i'm asking you right here and right now ... will you be my girlfriend ??

he finally said it he asked me to be his girlfriend i can't believe it

i nodded and said : yes yes i'd love to be ur girlfriend

and he kissed me on the lips it was and will stay the best day of my life that i will never forget


------------------------hennos b-day party ------------------------------


after the awsome concert we all went to the hotel and had a small after party the 10 of us and they all gave her presents she opened the and hugged everybody till i was the only one left a gave her a small rapped box she opened it and found a blue dress  i bought it to her then i told her the big news and she was out of her mind

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