living a dream !!!

2 best friends who lived to meet one direction are going to one of the boys concerts they couldn't believe what was happening they packed their stuff and headed to the airport when they go to the hotel there bags get mixed with 1 of the 1D members will all there dreams come true ?


3. started to know each other =]

as me and niall started to woke in that kinda forest i was amazed with what i was seeing we started to talk and knew each other more and more he was so hot nice cute fun and sensitave


She started  to talk with her and she was so cute she talled her likes and disslikes what she loves in a boy

i told her my  likes and disslikes and what i love in a girl and the most important thing was that we both loved food but she didn't seem like that she was soo thin

i remembered that she was crying in the airplane when i first met her so i asked her why was she crying in the airplane she stared at my eyes and tears slipped out of her beautifuly made eyes and she put her head on my shoulder and hugged me her hair smelled so nice i just kissed them and hugged her tight she mumbled something about her parents forgetting her

i waited for her to stop crying and she told me evrything i felt sad for her this and started to think howdid that beautiful face hold in all that sadness and misery i brought her close and huggrd her really tight showing her that i'm with her and i will make it up for her,  all she did was hug me and cry after 2 more minutes she got her hair of her face and held my hand and asked me to promise to never leave her like her parents did

i could feel her pain i know i never lived it but i felt what she had to put up to, so i promised her never to leave her and that i was gonna be by her side all the time while i hugged her and brought  her closer to me

after i while of walking decided to return to the hotel so a gave her my phone number and told her my rooms number turns out we were neighbors ahahah

 as i took her to her room she let me in and asked if i would join her for something to eat while watching a movie so i agreed and came in i took my phone and asked her what did she want tobut she asked me to surprise her so i i   asked for a delivry and they said it would take  30 minutes to before the food is delivered so we decided to go call henno and harry who were in harrys room they seemed both to be into each other




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