living a dream !!!

2 best friends who lived to meet one direction are going to one of the boys concerts they couldn't believe what was happening they packed their stuff and headed to the airport when they go to the hotel there bags get mixed with 1 of the 1D members will all there dreams come true ?


9. our little gift from heaven

----------------- 5 years later----------------

me and niall got  married we had a big and an amazing wedding that i will never forget he asked me  to marry him on the valintines day when he gave me a heart like box it had chocolate in it and in the middle a diamond ring he stood on one leg and asked me to be his wife tears went from my eyes i was so happy as i struggled to say the world yes but finally i said it then he gave me a big hug and a kiss Now we have a child she is a girl her name is maggie it's an irish name it means pearl and she really is, she is now one year and the half old she managed how to say daddie before mummie and that made me happier because i knew; that she had her father like her world and that made me so happy Now about harry and henno they are getting married in a month she is so happy we went and bought her dress and some high heeled shoes Her dress was awsome its puffy and she bought a tiara that made her look like a reall princess from the fairy tailstories And me and henno are now are doing our first music video its awsome he have alot of fans everybody loves us we called our band : Flames We both sing i play the guitar and she plays the drums and piano Thats all ........ till now Byeeee

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