living a dream !!!

2 best friends who lived to meet one direction are going to one of the boys concerts they couldn't believe what was happening they packed their stuff and headed to the airport when they go to the hotel there bags get mixed with 1 of the 1D members will all there dreams come true ?


4. movies night

the four of us headed to watch a movie and we decided to watch some comidy while argueing what movie we should read someone knocked the door i decided to get it thinking it was the food but it was louis , zayn , and liam they squeezed in harry invited them


That henno girl was so amazing  she looked  "fabulouis" she had green eyes and tall curly hair she wore some tight jeans and a T-shirt with the word SMART & HOT on it i agreed she really was hot and smart she was so funny i think i'm falling in a crush with her it seemed more then that i was falling in  a like i couldn't resist kissing her but i didn't want to freak her out she didn't seem like a girl who just wanted sex she felt like a girl who wanted someone to love her for her not her body she wantes some one who will appreciate her and love her and i thnk i can

give her that and maybe more



I was starving when finally the food camee everybody took a hamburger and started eating as we watched a movie on mbc action  when sudenly faloo took a bight of my hamburger

everybody in the room said :ooh ooh and the room went silent except for her she was laughing she had a beautiful laugh she was sooo hot

but i remembered that i neede revenge more like a punishment so i thought of tickling her and she started jumping up and down but i didn't let her escape of the punishment i had no mercy when it  came to my food

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