living a dream !!!

2 best friends who lived to meet one direction are going to one of the boys concerts they couldn't believe what was happening they packed their stuff and headed to the airport when they go to the hotel there bags get mixed with 1 of the 1D members will all there dreams come true ?


6. hennos surprise party plannings

i cant beleive its hennos birthday in some days 3 weeks passe so fast with the boys espacially after our kiss .. you guys missed alot of stuff ok here we go :

last week me and niall kissed the both of us were walking in the forest we were in the first day i was in this hotel and i got a little cold when niall gave me his jacket i thanked him and his eyes took me  into a new world ... again so we stared at each other and my nose was stuck to his and bam he gave a kiss oh i couldn't stop smiling till now  and it have been a week and i think something is going on between harry and henno . anyways i decieded to have henno a surprise party so i asked the boys to help me with the plans ....

hennos birthday plans (where should it be) :

1- in a fancy restaurant ( liams idea )

2- at the boys concert as they sing her happy birthaday (harrys idea)

3- at a park ( louis' idea)

4- at the beach ( nialls idea)

5- we go bowling (zayn's idea )

we all voted and we chose and we decided to go with harrys idea i thought that she will freek out in a nice way and harry told only me that he wanted to ask her to be his girl friend i was so excited for her .

Henno must have realized that we were hiding something but i don't think she knew what

i was so excited to tell her that we were staying fo a whole year

i told the boys and they invited us over to their house in london where they will stay this summer so now i was excited 500X wanting to know what was gonna say i'm so happy


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