This Cant Be Real

Zoey is 17 years old. Summer is less than a day away and she has to leave her home in New York to go with Her mom to Doncaster England. Zoey and her friends, Delaney, Kinsey, Olivia, and Chloe are obsessed with One Direction. Zoey is not looking forward to saying goodbye. What happens when she meets the world renound One Direction. Will one of the band members fall in love with her or will she just be another fan with an autograph?


1. Last Night Together

"I cant beleive I wont see you for the whole entire summer." Delaney said. Delaney, Kinsey, Olivia, and Chloe were all my bestfriend and I know saying bye to them tomorow would be so hard. They were all sitting on my bed watching me pack.

"I know what will we do without you all summer." Kinsey gushed. I pulled my purple sweater off of the hanger and turned to them. "Guys are you serious?" I said giggling. They all looked confused. "There are four of you. I'm sure you guys will find something to do." I turned pack around and grabbed everything I could. If I was going to be gone the whole summer, I need alot of clothes. Warm Clothes.

"Yeah I guess." Chloe said looking down at my bedspread. "It won't be the same though." Olivia included. "Guys cheer up. It's not like I will be gone for a year!" I said folding my sweater and setting them nicely next to all my blue and colored jeans in my suitcase. "It will sure feel like it." Delaney said getting up to help me pack. "It's going to feel like forever." Olivia added.

"I know what will cheer you guys up!" I walked over to my dresser and picked up my white iphone and went to my music. I pressed shuffle on my One Direction playlist. They all smiled and jumped off my bed and started dancing around. I giggled and went back to my closet and packed up my shoes. I had packed all my clothes up already. I packed my final pair of toms and looked back up at the girls. I sighed as I zipped up my last suitcase.

They all looked sad. "Guys chill.. I don't leave until tomorow." They just nodded. I walked over to my dresser and turned off the music and slipped my iphone into the front pocket of my teil skinny jeans. "We can do something." I said shrugging my shoulders. "Like what?" Chloe asked pulling her hair to the side. "We could.... I dont know.. Guys we live in New York we can do pretty much anything." I laughed. They still looked sad. "Oh come on you bums. Let's go." I said grabbing my keys off of the hook next to my mirror. I walked out of my room and stopped to make sure the girls were following. We walked down the stairs and out the door.

Kinsey, Olivia, and Chloe all piled into the backseat and Delaney sat in the passenger seat next to me. I started the car and all of us jumped. What Makes You Beautiful was blarring in the car. Delaney immediatly hit the off button and looked at me all of our eyes wide open. Then we all started laughing. We were driving and then I realized  we lived in New York! There was a 1D World here. That's a store the size of 10 Walmarts full of only One Direction merchandise. I pulled into the parking lot. "Oh my gosh! I've always wanted to come here." Chloe screamed.

"Well we're here now!" I giggle parking the car. We all hopped out and walked in. It was breathtaking. It was humongous! And let me tel you there was everything imaginable.Hoodies, Keychains, Sweatpants, Shirts, Books/Magazines, Iphone cases, Cups and plates, Jewelry.... Everything. By the end of the trip there I ended up getting a Harry iphone case and a 'I love Harry Styles' hoodie.

"That was the best trip ever!" Olivia screamed as we got back in the car. "Agreed!" Delaney said putting on her 'I love Zayn' Hoodie. "Yeah! That was really fun guys!" I looked down at my new Harry Styles case that I already had put on my phone already. I started the car and we drove home talking about how much we would miss each other.

We pulled in my driveway and I saw my mom's car. She was home from work. We walked inside my house and my mom was in the kitchen. "Hi Girls!" My mom yelled from the kitchen. "Hi Mom!" I yelled back. Me and the girls ran upstairs. We all sat on my bed and pulled out our iphones. I checked my facebook and had 27 notifications. "Aww!" I accidently said outloud. "What?" Kinsey asked. "Everyone wished me a safe flight to Doncaster tommorow." I said smiling. "Oh. Yeah." Chloe said looking down.

"Guys, Listen." I started. "Please Cheer Up I dont like it when you guys are upset. I dont want the last night we have together to be spant being all sad and stuff. Okay?" I said. They all nodded. "We are going to miss you that's all." Delaney said grabbin my hand. "Well I will miss you guys to." I laughed. We all joined in a big hug.

"Girls Dinner!!" My mom yelled from downstairs. We all smiled and jumped up and raced down the stairs. "Me first." Chloe yelled grabbing the first plate that was set out on the counter. I let the girls get their food first and then I grabbed a plate. We all sat at the island in the middle of my kitchen.

"Enjoy dinner girls but I have to Get packing." My mom said kissing me on my cheek. "Thanks for dinner mom!" I called but she was already in her room. "Zo?" Chloe said. "Yeah?" She looked at me sad. "Im going to miss you so much. She tried to get out. I saw tears welling in her eyes. "What did I tell you about this guys. Let's just enjoy the night we have together okay?" I said putting my plate in the sink. "Now come on dry those eyes." I patted her on the back and went up to my room. A few minutes later the girls came up.

I wander what they were doing down there. They were giggling to themselves. "Alright what is it." I laughed. "Oh Nothing." Delaney said looking at the others. "Tell me!" I inched closer to them on the bed "Well we were just thinking.... Your going to Doncaster England. What if you run into the boys." Olivia said excitedly. "Trust me that will never happen." I laughed at the thought.

"But what if you do!" Kinsey jumped. "And you and one of the boys fall in looovvve!" Delaney teased. "Guys seriously.. even if I met them they'd never notice me........They like pretty girls remember." I laughed getting of my bed and putting my hair in a bun. "Stop!" Olivia said seriously. I turned around to face her. "What!?" I laughed. "Your so beautiful. Why would you say that?" She looked dissapointed.

What in the world. Why does it bother them when I call myself ugly. "Whatever." I laughed brushing it off my shoulder. They just shook their heads. "Shoot!" I almost yelled. "What is it Zo?" Chloe asked. "Its almost 12:00!" I said jumping under my covers and turning out my light. "Goodnight guys!" I laughed. Me and Delaney were in bed and the others where on my floor. I was going to miss this.

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