The 'Adult' Generation.

Recent events have led me to believe that we think we are much older than we really are.


1. The 'Adult' Generation.

As a teen I think I should feel
comfortable with what I achieve myself. 
Pressures provide pressure, and I think
that pressure is bad for the health. 

Teens getting high, having sex,
then knocked up. Alcohol's ruling
our lives. Twelve year olds wearing
shorts that show arses; it's pulling

At the seams of everyone's lives. 
Reality sucks, that much is true,
what with drugs and chavs and nagging
from seemingly dedicated parents, too. 

We aren't as mature as we think;
the exams and jobs encourage acts
of maturity that push the adults
to the brink. It's time to face the facts. 

We are the supposed adult generation
with suits of armour made of little more than
mobile phones and empty beer cans.
Obsessed with making a stand. 

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