In the eyes of a child


1. In the eyes of a child


Wood and paint disintegrates off our houses
Girls wear skinny clothes instead of blouses
Formal English turns into slang around the streets
Pedestrians spit and throw trash on the concrete
Movies become inappropriate with language
Music has lost meaning of passion and respect
Graffiti is plastered where the highways run
Protection is necessary with weapons and guns
Suicides happen because people become insecure
Abusive parents snap since tolerance they can't endure
Photographs are tainted with our body proportions
Teenagers become pregnant and soon have abortions
Revenge is common due to us humans being cruel
Kidnappers keep watch of the children at school
Addiction is popular among cocaine and crack
Those over eighteen we can no longer sustain
People create groups for colour race and gender
Some seclude others if their body is not slender
Acceptance in life is not going to be free
The world is corrupt and that's how it will be
Children become influenced by what they see
Leaving adults to decide the future for me

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