Matching Tattoos (Zayn 1D 1Shot)

Its Valentines Day and you and Zayn are supposed to spend dinner together at your house but he takes you out for dinner and plans a surprise for you but along the way its like a treasure hunt because he writes you notes and gives you roses along with some presents and clues to what your surprise is........ follow us on twitter @msbieber90210 and @MrsZiggler0.


1. Matching Tattoos

Valentines Day. Worst day of the year for me. Want to know why? Well every Valentines Day in the past for me either ended up in a heart break because my boyfriend would break up with me or I spent it at home watching romance movies and eating as much ice cream as possible because i was single at the time. But lets hope that none of that happens this year for me because I have the best boyfriend in the world......Zayn Malik. Yes from one direction. Gotta go. Zayns calling me.

Me: Hello?

Zayn: Hey babe. Whats up?

Me: Nothing really. Just sitting here watching TV and waiting for you to come home.

Zayn: I'll be home but be ready because we're going out for dinner then I'm taking you for a surprise.

Me: You know I don't like surprises. But anything for you. Casual or Dressy?

Zayn: Something casual. Like jeans, a tanktop and hoodie.

Me: Alright. See you soon. Love you.

Zayn: Love you too.

He hangs up. I hang up the phone and run upstairs to get changed. After 10 minutes I hear a knock at the door. I run down the steps and towards the door. I get there and throw open the door.

Me: Hey.

Zayn: Hey. So you ready to go?

Me: Yeah

He grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers together. I close the door and Zayn and I walk out of the flat and to his car.

Me: So.....where are we going for dinner?

Zayn: Where do you want to go?

Me: I don't care. As long as I can spend today with you I'm happy. Valentines Day never worked out for me.

Zayn: Why?

I sigh.

Me: Every year in the past my boyfriends either broke up with me or I was single at the time. So its like i expect that to happen every year.

He grabs my hand, laces our fingers together and kisses my knuckles.

Zayn: (Y/N). I'm not that stupid to let a beautiful girl like you slip right out of my hands. I know we've been together for 7 months but I see you in my future. We're married, having 2 little ones running around the flat with another on the way and a few pets.

Me: How many is a few?

He just chuckles.

Zayn: Two. Maybe 3. One for each kid. Even the boys see us together forever. Heck Louis already asked if he could plan the wedding.

Me: Typical Louis. Zayn pulls into a parking lot. I look out my window and see a nice resturaunt. Zayn: Come on. We'll eat then go get your surprise. Me: Alright. *AFTER DINNER* We're back in the car on our way to my surprise. I decide to break it out of him. Me: Hey babe? Zayn: Yeah? Me: Where are we going for my surprise? Zayn: You'll see. We are almost..... we are here. I look out the window and see a tattoo parlour. I look inside the door and see the other boys waving. I smile and wave back. Me: So this is my surprise? The boys and a tattoo shop? Zayn: Not the tattoo shop. A tattoo. And the boys just happen to be here. He grabs my hand and we walk inside. Me: Louis? What's this about asking Zayn if you could plan our wedding? Louis: Well you guys are just so happy together. It's bound to happen. Me: Whatever. So Zayn. I'll let you pick out what my first tattoo will be. Niall: Why don't you guys get matching ones. Like (y/n), you get a heart. And zayn gets a key. Or you both get and infinity sign with each others name on it. Zayn: That's not a bad idea. I like the heart and a key idea. What about you babe? Me: I like it too. So should we go back? Zayn: Yeah. We both walk bak and get our tattoos done. *FEW YEARS LATER* Me: And that (y/d/n) is how I spent my first valentines day with your father. And there are many more to come. (Y/D/N): Can you tell me more mommy? Me: Not tonight sweetie. Maybe tomorrow. You need to go to bed. Zayn? Can you put her to bed while I rock (Y/S/N) to sleep? Zayn: Sure. I get up and walk into the nursery. I sit down on the rocking chair with (Y/S/N). He's only 11 months where as (Y/D/N) is 3. I look down at (Y/S/N) and see he's asleep. Zayn: You're a great mom. You know that? Me: I try. Besides you are an amazing dad. Zayn: Well I try. Guess what tomorrow is? Me: We'll let's see. Today is the 13th which makes tomorrow the 14th. It's now February. We got married on the 14th of February. So tomorrow must be our 4 year anniversary. Zayn: Yep. And I'm taking you for our tradition. Me: Matching tattoos again? Zayn: Hey. This time we get 2 because baby #3 is on the way and we have to get her name on our back like we did with (Y/D/N) and (Y/S/N). Me: Alright. I guess the tradition can stay. He smiles and kisses my forehead. I lean into his touch. That was the start of our healthy and wonderful life together. Ofcoarse there were some bumps in the road but we pulled through. And I love Zayn for that besides his smile. But we made it through the struggles of 3 kids. (Y/D/N), who is now a professional soccer player. (Y/S/N), who is in the music business. And little (Y/O/D/N) who's only 15 but an actress. And what kept us together you might ask? Well I think it's obvious. Our matching tattoos.
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