Midnight Magic (Liam 1 Shot)

You and Liam have been dating for a while and he has planned a special surprise for you but you have no idea what he has planned. hopefully this will be a great valentines day for you... follow us on twitter @mrsbieber90210 and @MrsZiggler0


1. Midnight Magic

I looked at my phone and seen that it was 11:00. i was about to go to sleep but then i got a text from Liam. He said to be at his flat by 11:45. I get dressed, curl my hair and do my make up. I finish and look at my phone and see it's 11:30. I get all my stuff and head over to Liam's flat. When i walk into the flat all i see are rose petals leading me to the dining room. When I get to the dining room I see a candle lit dinner. Liam is sitting there smiling at me. "Hello beautiful ." He gets up and embrasses me into a warm hug. "Liam why did you ask me to come over so late?" He says "Because I have surprise for you." I give him a strange look and sit down. We eat and are just chatting. Liam asks what time it is "It's 11:58." Liam's eyes get big and he gets a smile in him face. "Okay I'll be right back!" Liam left and came back with something behind his back. "What's that behind your back babe?" He grabs my hand and says " Well you know I love you and we have been dating for 2 years. I promise you that I will love no matter what..." Liam pulls out a little velvet box and gets down on one knee. " (Y/N) I love you and always will. When you smile I feel complete. I am absoultly crazy about you. (Y/F/N) will you marry me?" Tears start to fall from my eyes. "YES!! Liam I will marry you!" As soon as I said yes the clock rang and it said 12:00. Liam whispered into my ear and said " Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary babe." I smilied and kissed Liam. That night i fell asleep in Liam's arms with the thought that i was going to be Mrs. Payne.

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