A Drunken Kiss (1Shot41D)

What happens when your boyfriend of 2months goes on tour and you spot a magazine with himself kissing another girl on the cover with just a few weeks till valentines day...


1. A Drunken Kiss

A Drunken Kiss (valentine's one shot)

It all started when zayn went on tour, I was laying In bed missing him. we were just 2months into our relationship but I already knew he was 'the one' yes cheesy as it sounds its true I love him so much it hurts. Management had to go and ruin our happiness though by refusing to let Me, El and Dani go on tour with the boys. So now we are stuck home waiting for the boys to Skype, call or text us whenever they can.

I dragged myself out of bed and hit the cold wooden floor I looked towards where my phone was sitting, on my dresser underneath my huge one direction poster. I picked up my lilac blackberry and checked my messages and had none from Zayn which was weird because he always texts me a good morning, he might not be up yet ah well he'll be up soon.

I crossed the wooden floor out of my room into the kitchen ,I grabbed a bowel and some cereal poured them into the bowel and went to the fridge to get some milk and realised I'd run out, aww now I've got to go down the road to get some grrr,
I slipped some grey skinny jeans and my pink and white stripy t-shirt on grabbed my jacket and black ugg boots and walked out of the door, locking the house I walked out our gate and trudged down the road getting a lot of stares as I went.

When I reached Sainsbury's I half walked half ran to the magazine aisle, when I reached there I frantically searched for my favourite magazine 'Teen Now' my heart physically broke when I saw the front cover "Zayn Malik 1D heart throb caught cheating on his girl?!" I could feel the tears well up in my eyes I thought he was the one I thought he actually loved me I guess I was wrong, I quickly dialled the familiar number and he picked up straight away
" hey babe, how ya doin?" He answered with his husky voice
"Well, other then the fact that my boyfriend is cheating on me I'm absolutely great!" I replied sarcastically
"What?!" Zayn sounded actually shocked and hurt?
"Oh don't play innocent malik, I'm looking at the picture In front of me!" I retorted
"I haven't kissed anyone except you I swear!" Zayn promised
"Stop lying to me..." I sobbed
"Maddie please don't cry you have to believe me I wouldn't do this to you I love you so much it hurts, the only thing I did last night was.... Ohhh me and the boys went to a club and had a few drinks I can't remember anything else, I might of kissed her but I would of been drunk honestly!" He replied
"Maybe you were drunk but surely I should've been in your mind that whole time if i really meant that much to you?!" I yelled
"Maddie,you don't have any idea how sorry I am I love you so much" he sounded really sorry
"Zayn, I love you so much but I think it's best for the both of us if we break up" By the time I started that sentence tears were rolling down my cheeks blocking my vision I regret the words I just said I also know that I properly won't get over him but eventually I will.
"Maddie, don't do this please" he was crying now I can hear it in his voice which completely broke me I hate seeing him upset and broken and now knowing I've just shattered his heart makes me feel so awful.
"Zayn, I've got too, you'll get over me I'm nothing special I'm just plain old Madison who just so happens to have been lucky enough to date Zayn malik who's in 'One Direction' you clearly don't feel the same way about us as i do, you actually meant something to me!" I replied broken and hurt
"Don't say that I love you and I always will, don't talk about yourself like that I may meet thousands of girls who know my name but they will never compare to you" Zayn exclaimed his tone soft, what he said made me smile but I knew I needed to end it with him.
"Zayn please don't make this any harder then it needs to be I'll always love you, but the feelings clearly aren't mutual, you...
"Yes they are mutual okay i love your more than words can say!"He cut me off
"Zayn let me finish, you've hurt me and I think we need to break up" I finished and pressed end call and walked out of Sainsbury's knowing I'll regret everything I just said. And I couldn't be more right!

The next few weeks were hell, everything reminded me of him and I mean everything I had to take down my One Direction posters, get rid of the hoodie he gave me and his leather jacket and I had to block all of the boy's numbers because they kept texting me asking why I broke up with Zayn, and asking me to take him back as he was drunk. But the thing they will never understand is the fact that I dumped him because he really hurt me.
And to top it all off valentines day is drawing closer and closer....

*Zayn's p.o.v.*
I miss her so much,more then she will ever understand I need her by my side and no where else, she doesn't know how much I love her and the fact that she thinks that she doesn't mean anything to me breaks me, I love her more then words can say!, I need her but I've only got myself to blame!, I hurt her in such a cruel way!.I long to see that gorgeous smile, her beautiful blue eyes, her curly brown hair that falls perfectly around her shoulders. Everything reminds me of her and it aches my heart whenever I hear her name or see her favourite things around the house, I just can't get over her! Why did I even kiss that girl?it pains me to know i properly won't see her again, and it's all my fault!....
"ZAYN!" Louis screamed at me breaking me out of my trance
"What?" I asked confused as to why they were screaming at me
"you've been staring into space for the past hour not mention you've been moping around for 2weeks it has to stop you can't live like this it isn't healthy" Liam scolded looking at me like a dad explaining to his son what he's done wrong honestly you'd think he's a lot older than he actually is!
"you just gotta forget her man find another girl your Zayn malik for god sake! You can have any girl you want!" Harry exclaimed
Infuriating me, how dare he just tell me to forget her she's beautiful and perfect and I love her so much it pains me to know she could be with any guy right now.
"Harry, you don't understand she's everything I've ever wanted she's down to earth, funny has and i love her personality and to top it all off she loves me for me not because I'm rich and famous! But because she loves me the real Zayn Malik, I need her guys it hurts to know I've lost her and that she could be wrapped up in some other guys arms!" I explained to them, hoping they might understand. But of course not Liam and Louis's relationships are going great I've never seen a relationship so solid as 'Elouner' and 'Payzer' if only me and Maddie were as lucky as they are.I put my head in my hands knowing it was no use I've truly lost her.
"dude! You've got to be joking right! Harry shut up!Maddie loves you as much as you love her you're soul mates just like me and El and Liam and Danni are,never doubt that you just gotta think of a way to get her back! Prove to her that you love her and can't bear to loose her then if she doesn't take you back then maybe it just wasn't meant to be,you've just got to keep searching for 'the one!'" Louis claimed before he ran to me and put his arm across my shoulder and smiled.
"Louis your being serious for once are you feeling alright?" Niall snickered
While laughing his famous laugh
"Ohmygod! Louis your a genius mate I've just got to figure out a plan to get her back"i yelled
Then the perfect idea came to me,valentines day is coming up....

*Maddie's p.o.v*
Great it's valentines day tomorrow and I'm dreading it I was supposed to be spending it with Zayn but I guess I'll be spending it like every other single girl watching rom coms on the telly with a bowel of ice cream, wishing your Prince Charming will come into your life a lot faster and save you from being single on valentines day, but I guess it will never happen like it does in the movies. I just hope Zayn misses me like I miss him I just wish I never broke up with him it was the worst mistake I ever made, I need him! I miss him so much and I want him back.

The past couple of weeks have sucked, I've just been laying in bed in my comfy pjs and wooly cardigan and not to forget my slipper socks! And watched my 'friends' box-set and i nearly cried because of how much joey reminds me of Niall and his loving for food.

If only I could explain to Zayn how much I need him and his lop sided grin and his black quiff and that personality I love and his flawless features and the way he's able to make me feel like the only girl in the world. Oh no here come the tears I've been trying to hide these past few weeks! I threw my self on the bed and just cried and cried and cried.

~ On valentines day!~
*Maddie's p.o.v. *
Great this torturous day has now arrived, I roll out of bed hoping this day will be okayish. I wander into the kitchen of my small Bungalow Hurrying to the toaster i quickly make my toast then sit down on the sofa and turn on ' love actually'.
I get about 10minutes into the film when I hear a tap on the door I reluctantly pause the film and get up and open the door when I open it I do a double take and nearly break down crying just by seeing his face, Zayn he's wearing a black tux and on one knee holding a red rose and looking at me with his flawless lop sided grin. When I look at him and take in his beautiful features that I've missed so much, I'm speechless, I look straight into his chocolate brown eyes and all my feelings for him come flooding back,
before I knew it he's standing in front of me giving me the rose, then he turns to look at the boys behind him on the pavement in front of a black limo which confused me, Niall's holding his brown acoustic guitar and smiles when he sees me and so do the others. He then starts strumming along to 'over again' their song off there second album on his guitar Zayn then starts singing along' whilst the boys harmonise with him, Zayn never takes his eyes off me as he sings every word.

Said I’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my t-shirt,
Tongue-tied over three words, cursed.
Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt,
Body's intertwined with her lips

Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo
Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo
And it’s no joke to me
So can we do it all over again?

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me

And I can lend you broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give you all my heart
So we can start it all over again

Can we take the same road two days in the same clothes?
And I know just what she’ll say if I can make all this pain go
Can we stop this for a minute?
You know, I can tell that your heart isn’t in it or with it

Tell me with your mind, body and spirit
I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British
Whether we’re together or apart
We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me

And I can lend you broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give you all my heart
So we can start it all over again

You’ll never know how to make it on your own
And you’ll never show weakness for letting go
I guess you’re still hurt if this seed's sown
But do you really want to be alone?

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me

And I can lend you broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give you all my heart
So we can start it all over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me

And I can lend you broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give you all my heart
So we can start it all over again

I finally found my voice once they finish, Zayn's voice was so full of passion like he meant every word which made me grin like an idiot.
"Zayn, honestly that was lovely thank you!" I say Zayn smiled and looked me in the eyes and said...
"Maddie, these past few weeks I went through hell I love you so much I can't put it into words I need you by my side, I can't live knowing you could be with any other guy that isn't me, you don't need to feel like you don't mean something to me you are my world ,your everything I'm looking for in a girl and I need you to know that I love you and your perfect and I've come here to ask you if you would please take me back I promise I won't kiss another girl in the rest of my existence who isn't you, now will you be willing to try all over again?" Zayn asked his voice so soft and caring and you could tell his words came straight from the heart by the glimmer of hope in his eyes.
"Yes Zayn, these past few weeks have been hell for me too, breaking up with you was the worst mistake I've ever made I love you and I never want to go through that again." I replied crying happy tears.
Zayn closes the gap between us and wipes away my tears. I feel so stupid I put us both through a lot of pain because I felt like Zayn didn't love me and Zayn was drunk and he kissed someone who wasn't me, so I lost it and broke up with him I was such an idiot.

Zayn pulled me towards him picks me up and spins me around with my legs wrapped around his waist he smashes his lips onto mine i immediately kiss back and the boys start cheering and wolf whistling, I could feel the sparks flying all around us, and I knew he was my soul mate, I felt like there was only me and him in the world and this was how I wanted to spend my life, by his side. As soon as we both pulled away we both had big smiles on our faces glad to have each other back and the boys well they were grinning because Zayn had managed to get his girl back just in time for valentines day....
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