Martha is walking home one day with her boyfriend, their hands enlaced together romantically.. when... when... oh, just read on.


1. Now and then.

Hide and seek. The childish game you play when your young. I never really expected I would be counting now, at 14, with my friends in PE, about to yell


and go searching for them. But the thing is... I am; but ive got other things on my mind.

It was a foggy autumn day when it happened. Me and my beautiful boyfriend, Alec, were strolling- hand-in-hand- down the road near my house. When we got to Abdab Road he stopped suddenly and jolted me forward. He usually did this before we turned to our homes and went our separate ways. But usually we kissed... and when I awkwardly leaned in to press my lips against his... he pushed me away, his eyes bolted ahead of him. It was quite scary, like he was in a trance, but when I pivoted to have a peek at what was so mesmerising, I gasped.

'No..' I thought.

But it was real, and looking back I jut wished I would have done something to protect him. But I didn't... and now I'm regretting it more than... life itself, because MY Alec is gone.


R.I.P, baby.

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