Running out of Time

Tiffany Burring is running out of time. She has Mesothelioma, and is going to die soon. All the doctors in the places she has been have told her different dates. 2 weeks. 1 Month. It all differs. She is 17 years old and is not ready to die. She wants to make a difference in the world. She wants to meet her idols. So what happens when that is possible? Wil she like them? Will she dislike them?


2. The Week

So, I am starting to feel the sickness. Well I could feel it before but now I want to die it hurts so much. I want to give in to the cancer. But I can't my family loves me and I need to be strong for them. 

"Hey, girl. Deep in thought there?" I see my friend Alicia coming up the steps to my house. I was sitting on the porch. 

"Oh, yeah. Well I have not much time to do that so I wanted to do it more, I can do that, right?" I say. But after the terrorified look on her face I regretted it. " Look I know that I am dying. I am fine with it. I want to live my last days in harmony."

"I don't want to lose you.." She looks like she is going to cry.

"Come sit here" I say as I pat the seat beside me. She does that.

"I have a surprise for you.. But don't get too excited it may not happen." She says.


"Well I know how you like One Direction and Rachel Crow, so I e-mailed them that you were sick and wanted to meet your idols before you died.. And they both messaged back asking for your address and I gave it to them."


"Well They may come.. Tomorrow.."

I sat there stunned.. Rachel Crow? One Direction? OMG!! But, it may not happen.. I will be happy either way..!

"Are you going to say something?"

"Oh, yeah. Well. Wow.. I can't believe this! I love you!" 

She smiled the biggest smile. I like her smile and it is good to see smiles in this hard time.

"Yay! I might get to meet Harry! And you can meet Niall!"

"But I am weak, I will not be able to do much.."

"I know! But you can still meet them!"

Ok well this is amazing! Two of my biggest fav song writers!!

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