Running out of Time

Tiffany Burring is running out of time. She has Mesothelioma, and is going to die soon. All the doctors in the places she has been have told her different dates. 2 weeks. 1 Month. It all differs. She is 17 years old and is not ready to die. She wants to make a difference in the world. She wants to meet her idols. So what happens when that is possible? Wil she like them? Will she dislike them?


1. Intro

       My doctors say I have about a week to live. When my parents found out, the wanted to put me on radiation. They did not even ask if I wanted it. I told them I want my last days happy, content, and memorable. Soon it is going to be Valentines day. The day of love. I want love on the day of love. I don't want to be put on radiation. I am ok. I am scared but isn't everyone?

I like One Direction. They have good music! But I am not one of the obsessed fans that would see them and ripp their clothing. I don't really have a crush on them either... But I think Niall is really cute! 

Personally I would want Channing Tatum In my house a little more. I mean he is a full grown HOT man! 

My favorites:

Color: Red, Pink, Blue!

Movie(s): August Rush, and The Neverending Story

Sch. Subject: Science

Band: 3 Doors Down

Singer: Rachel Crow

Cute Band: One Direction


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