forgive my tresspasses- A Short Story

An aged old sin commited by two unlikely beings and forgiven


1. chapter 1


               A young woman looked out into the frozen lands of a mountain side as the sun sets she began to feeel desprit. her life seems to be waiting on something.How did her life come to this?


              Not too lond ago she had just left college, about to enter the workforce when a number of people had diaapeared. the rapture had occured and she had seven years to get ight with God. Not that she didnt believe. She never acted on it. She did her best, tried to follow where the Lord leads her, but, she let her studies  for her degree ruled her life.

              Here she was Left Behind. All her family were saved and left her alone. No boyfriend. Not much friends. All alone in a world gone more mad.

               Eventually she found a church and reaffirmed her belief. Using her education she worked at a Community Center envolved in bible studies. She had a grip on her life again. Within a month depression overcame her and she sought suicide. Home alone with her inner demons she held a cup of cynaide to her lips. As she was about to drink a young man appeared in her room and knocked the glass from her hands. She was enfolded into his arms where she cried ffor the first time.

              With help from true careing friends she did battle with the depression devil. The fight was hard and she succeded with prayer and fasting, with the help of that stranger who kept at her. Months passed and she couldn't help falling in love with him.  One evening after a prayer session she laid her heart out.

"We cannot be together." he shook his head. "I am not..."

Then he reveled himself to be an angel. She fell down broken hearted. he held her in his arms, fighting temptation.

"I rather you know the truth before...I love you." he whispered into her hair. "Forgive me."

They consummated their passion and was married within days.


             In her final months of pregnacy the world was even more evil to live in and raise a child. He took his wife and flew up to the mountainous region where no man could ever find them. The cave was warm and not lacking basic comforts. She delivered a healthy girl.




                She heard a cough and ran to the bed to see the baby was pale and had broken into a sweat. The babe had exhausted herself to sleep from crying. She did everything she can to help the baby and now the precious child was going to die.

"I'm sorry." a heartbreaking whisper came from behind her, "i've been cut off."

She looked at his devastated face and held him.

"I have been cut off from grace because I wanted to be with you. Our child will pay the price."

He fell to his knees weeping. She gatherd the firery hot child in her arms and knealt with him and began praying for forgivness. He began to confess his sins.

"...forgive us our trespasses---" he said only to pause when he heard footsteps behind him.

"You alone cannot do things." a gentle voice spoke.

The light was so bright that she had to keep her head down and eyes closed.

"Punish me! I willingly  lay with her and married her." the angel pleded.

She tried to look, but it was too bright even at his feet.

"If you cannot forgive me my Lord." she pleaded, "punish me for my sins. She doesnt deserv this."

"Do you Love me?" the heavenly reply came.

"Yes I do." the angel replied boldly.

"I do, very much." she again tried to look up and failed.

"Then come to me."

                She rose with a light heart and a smile. She found she could lift her head and did. what she found was an unspeakable  glory in a kind and loving face. As she stood before him her knees buckled. with a steadying hand on her shoulder and the other on the child's head. Tears streamed out her eyes.

" You came after me. you are too great." the angel dared to stand

"Return. The bowls are about to be poured."

"Yes my Lord." he walked away without a hesitation.

"Let us go also."

With the peacefully sleeping child in her arms she followed him.



                                                                          THE END

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