I got bored and started writing, this is my first draft, so try to ignore the mistakes because I'm still writing it. If you have any suggestions let me know.


4. What's with these crummy chapter names? I mean, Get naked


When Jack awoke to find that he was lying on the floor in the center of the room, he got up slowly due to his back cracking loudly. Regan was already up and making breakfast. She was spreading jam on toast when she noticed Jack was awake. “Morning sleepy-head!” She called cheerfully. Jack grumbled as he slumped down into a chair at the table. “Did you sleep well?”

“No” was all he could muster before his head dropped onto the table with a thud, and he fell back asleep.

Regan jabbed him in the side, waking him up with a jolt. “Eat, after this we will go to a friend of mine to train you.” She said before gnawing on her toast.

“Train me for what?” Jack said, still half asleep.

“To fight monsters” Regan said plainly.

“Oh” mumbled Jack now awake and spreading Jam on his own toast. “Wait there are others here?”

“Well yeah, this is a castle after all.” She said, half listening, “Why would you think that we were the only ones here?”

“I thought that was sarcasm!” Jack shouted embarrassed.  To which Regan laughed.

Jack shrugged his shoulders and went back to his food. When he finished he took the dishes and sat them in the sink with water, then went around picking up the other unwashed dishes piled around the room. Regan however, just sat at the table eyeing him curiously as he did so. After he washed them all, Regan went to the other room and came back wearing different clothes. She had on a long pink skirt with frills, and a white ribbon tied on at the hip. She also had on a white blouse with fringed cuffs.  She was holding a bag of men’s clothes in her hand. “Put these on.” She said tossing them to Jack. He looked from the bag to Regan wondering where they came from, and why she had them, but went to change into them none the less.

The clothes were uncomfortable, the pants were a snug fit, and the shirt draped down to his knees, he even considered keeping his own clothes on but decided against it. When he returned to the room Jack found Regan drawling on a piece of dried animal skin, and when she noticed him, she stuffed it into her pouch and walked to out the door, signaling for him to follow. When Jack was standing in the corridor with her, they set off deeper, toward the beast; however that was not their destination. As Regan explained while they walked, “where you came through was the roof right?” asked Reagan.

“Yeah how did you know?” he said, now suspicious.

“Lucky guess.” replied a coy Regan.

“Anyway, the farther down you go, the more you find.  So if you found me on this floor, it only makes since to find more people deeper in right?” she said triumphantly.

“mhmm” Jack said in compliance.

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