I got bored and started writing, this is my first draft, so try to ignore the mistakes because I'm still writing it. If you have any suggestions let me know.


2. We're not in Kansas anymore


When Jack looked around he could see that he was no longer at the library. The most obvious signs were the torches that solely lit the corridor in which he now stood, gawking at the fires as the danced in tandem, like acrobats preforming as one. Though it bothered him a little how fixated on it he was.

 Jack paced back and forth; dispirit to figure out how to escape. He wondered what he was to do, “trapped god knows where, and with nothing to eat!” He shouted.  With nothing left for him here, he grabbed a torch and hesitated before setting off towards the beast’s snores, yet again letting his curiosity get the best of him.

He had been walking for an hour, though it felt like an eternity of endless corridors and twisting stairs, not once passing a single window. Of Corse he found it odd, but what could he have done but keep walking down this endless corridor. Room after room he found the same bitter disappointment, empty. Jack was searching for the creature and was hell-bent on finding it. He believed that it would be guarding his way out, and he hoped that in its lethargy, he would be able to sneak past. This task seamed daunting however, due to the immense heat radiating off of the walls and floor, which grew hotter still as he walked on.

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