I got bored and started writing, this is my first draft, so try to ignore the mistakes because I'm still writing it. If you have any suggestions let me know.


3. Warrior needs food, badly


The sound of his stomach growling was louder than the beasts echoing snore.  A sweet scent wafted through the air, it reeked of rotten meats and berries, made thick by the heat, but the boy knew the smell, and his empty stomach pleaded for it. He followed the smell to a hand carved door, in which jack took a moment to admire the workmanship before taking a peek inside.

The clanking and banging of pots and pans could be heard from the other side, and when Jack tried to get a better look by pushing it open a bit more, the door made a dread full creek. A panicky voice called out, “Who’s there?” It was a woman. Jack thought that he was alone, and he had accepted the fact. Though now that he wasn't  he is afraid, afraid of what he might find. He called out “I mean you No harm!” in reply.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” There was a sound of metal dropping into water, then the woman opened the door and pulled Jack inside, shutting it fast behind him.

The room was drab at best; there was a pile of spent potato skins laying in one corner, and unwashed pots and pans strewn about. The woman sat Jack down at a decrepit table, then gave him a once over before returning to her chore. For several minutes Jack watched as she made what he could only guess to be some sort of stew, at least he hoped. When done, she poured its contents into two bowls, and sat one down in Jack’s face, “Eat” she scolded. When Jack gestured that he needed a spoon the girl rolled her eyes before grabbing two and wiping them off on her skirt. He took the spoon and wiped it off for himself before sticking it in the bowl. When he took a bite it tasted better than he thought it would.

After they finished their food, they sat in an awkward silence, and when he couldn't take anymore Jack started in, “Well that was good. I’m Jack by the way. Who are-“

“Why are you here?” the girl interrupted.

“Eh?” said a confused Jack.

That is to say, how you are here?” she continued.

“Don’t know” Jack said calmly, “where is here exactly?”

“Well from the extravagant tapestry, the architecture  and the tacky suits of armor, I would say somewhere in Camelot, and you must be King Arthur here to save me.”  Snarled the girl

“Who are you anyway?” Jack snapped back.

“Regan, and if I’m right, you’re stuck here too?”

“Yeah” he replied scuffing his shoe.

“I came here through a weird door at the library.” answered Jack.

“The library? I woke up here after- “Regan hesitated.

“After what?” he asked.

“N-Nothing!” Regan shouted angrily

 Hmm…” Jack thought for a moment before continuing. “Do you know what’s making that noise?”

“No!” she said quickly, “well yes but-“


Regan told Jack about the infernal beast that slumbers in the deepest part of the Castle, and how they were summoned to destroy it. However, she still will not tell him how she came to be here.

“Well?” Jack asked dully.

“Well?” Regan repeated puzzled.

“How in the hell are two teens going to kill something like that?” He said angrily.


I don’t know…”  Regan said now tracing the lines on the ground to avoid looking him in the eyes.

“This is bullshit!” Jack yelled, kicking a jar and making it shatter.

Regan calmed him, and led him to a corner where a blanket lay over a pile of hay. “We should rest now, it’s not like it’ll go anywhere.” So they readied for bed, Regan fell asleep with ease. Jack however, lay staring at the brickwork. His thoughts turned to his life, and friends, though he doubted his foster parents would care or even notice that he was gone. At that thought, a tear came to his eye as he remembered his late mother and dirt bag father.  He wiped it away and turned on his side before falling asleep.

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