I got bored and started writing, this is my first draft, so try to ignore the mistakes because I'm still writing it. If you have any suggestions let me know.


1. Prologue

He had never noticed a door there before, even in the years of him coming here, Jack had never seen it once. He had just left school and was now hiding in his secret room in the library he had found a few years ago. His eyes were fixed on the door. The curiosity was overwhelming, so he got up and walked toward it. There was a faint light looming from under it, and a soft murmur, as if a beast was sleeping fast. The boy pressed his ear to the door and the sound became clearer, Jack could now hear that it was indeed something growling. The sound was distinct, yet faint. Wondering what this, “thing” was, he slowly opened the door and walked through, swinging around just in time to see the door close, then disappear behind him.

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