Bully 999

Lucy is a victim of cyber-bullying. When a group of people take it to far, when the only friend Lucy has turns against her, when her world slowly falls apart. What will she do. " They trapped me into this world, the anonymous world. One where i thought i had done the damage, where i had made the mistakes. I was slowing dying but each breath saved me. My bullies were trying to murder me like i was trying to kill myself."


4. When it changed.



Later that night, Josh had led me into his room. He kissed me passionatly and led me onto his bed. "You ready"He whispered into my ear. 


The next week i went to school, everyone looked at me in a different way in a different manner. Why? i thought to myself. i passes some people and they laughed at me and pointed. Ashley didnt even want to look at me. Josh didnt even talk to me. Later that day i went home and logged on to facebook where a video of me and josh was published and shown to everyone. A video of me and Josh in bed. I didnt even know that happended that day i was drunk! The tears started to roll down my face as i read the messages being sent to me. "Ha you slut." "Knew she was such a slag." and then the worst one was from josh, a long paragraph read

"Lucy, your such a slag, you filmed us sleeping with each other! Well here is my revenge. Why are you such a slut, you said that you wanted to take it to the next level, you pratically forced me. You have problem you bittchhh."


This is how it all changed. They made me feel insecure and it wasnt even my fault. Now i realize that i was kind of mean back then, pretending to be the best and even thinking i was the best. Treating my best friend like some kind of slave! But i know i didnt deserve this. Everyday something else comes up and escalates into something else making more damage to the story. Its not at all easy when you get treated like a dog even when you made a mistake. 

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