Bully 999

Lucy is a victim of cyber-bullying. When a group of people take it to far, when the only friend Lucy has turns against her, when her world slowly falls apart. What will she do. " They trapped me into this world, the anonymous world. One where i thought i had done the damage, where i had made the mistakes. I was slowing dying but each breath saved me. My bullies were trying to murder me like i was trying to kill myself."


1. The Cyber World.

The internet is a big place, like a portal anyone can get sucked into. Both for good and bad things. There are these people out there that hide their identity and create profiles specifically to victimise other innocent users of the internet. Calling them gross names and wishing them hurtful and damaging thoughts. We call the cowards, they hurt others but fake themselves. Ha. It damages you and your confidence. How do i know? because im a victim of a troll. 


I wake up every morning dreading this battle ground called school. Where you are split into groups and forced to fit into this mould called society. Im not apart of society nobody really sees me, but they see my flaws and feel free to tell me all about them. The scariet thing about this though, is that it doesnt stop at school. They follow you home and invade your feed on the internet, whether its facebook, twitter. Anything. As long as its you. 


It wasnt aways like this, it just slowly started and got worse and worse. Believe it or not but once, i was actually liked and consider apart of society. I was visible for others to see both in the real world and on the internet. I would be invaded on facebook for the good things. People would say nice things and would never dare recognise and point out my flares. But just one person, one laptop, one account and one night can change everything. 

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