Bully 999

Lucy is a victim of cyber-bullying. When a group of people take it to far, when the only friend Lucy has turns against her, when her world slowly falls apart. What will she do. " They trapped me into this world, the anonymous world. One where i thought i had done the damage, where i had made the mistakes. I was slowing dying but each breath saved me. My bullies were trying to murder me like i was trying to kill myself."


3. Prom.

It was the night of prom, everyone was buzzing. The door knocked, my dad answerd it, whilst Josh stood at the door i came down the stairs so he could get a good look at what i was wearing. My pink strappless lace dress looked glamourous on me. My eyes had the black shimmery smokey eyed look, my lips were a pale pink. My black hair was up in a messy bun but with style and hold. My shoes were great silvery glitterd ones. "Wow, you look great." Josh complimented me. "aw thanks babe, your not to bad yourself." i replied. "Picture time." My dad came out with a camera and started taking pictures of us. "Well have fun."


Josh and I were in the black limozine, all by our selfs with a few drinks. I thought it was the perfect time for him to take it a bit further. We got out of the limo and made our entrance into the prom. We were the best couple there, everyone wanted to be us and like us. A couple of hours later and we were already half drunk. I was more than josh. The prom queen and king ceremony started and my name was called out. I tried to make my way to the stage with the help of Ash i made it. 


The prom was nearing the end,the king and queen had their first dance, which of coure was me and josh. We slow danced under neath the glitter ball with eveyone surronding us. At the end of the song we both leaned in for a kiss, and found our lips both pressed against us. The ride home was full of enjoyment. The car took a turn to Josh's house. We both got out and made our way to the door. "Tonight was fun eh"Josh said with both our hands together. "Yeah amazing" i said. "Your not too drunk are you?"Josh laughed. "Haha nooo." but i sure was. Josh let us in and led us to the living room. Even though he knew i was drunk he got me some more drinks. 



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