Bully 999

Lucy is a victim of cyber-bullying. When a group of people take it to far, when the only friend Lucy has turns against her, when her world slowly falls apart. What will she do. " They trapped me into this world, the anonymous world. One where i thought i had done the damage, where i had made the mistakes. I was slowing dying but each breath saved me. My bullies were trying to murder me like i was trying to kill myself."


5. Now.

Now i know its never going to get better. The trolls kill me with the punishments they give me. They tell me to go and die. But what they dont realise it that i want to die. The are trying to murder me with their mean and hurtfull comments. Every breath saves me. I want things to change and want people to know the truth. The change starts now. 


Authors note:


Bullying is a very big and serious thing. If you are being bullied or know someone that is being bullied. Please please make a difference and tell someone. If you are a bully, think about your actions before you really do hurt someone. Bullies are murders. People commit suicide because of bullying. People self harm because of bullying. YOU can make a difference and tell. 


This is dedicated to those that are now gone because of bullies and those struggling with bullying. YOUR NOT ALONE.



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